The Other Woman

05/10/2007 at 8:20 am (Uncategorized)

I had an insight about our dog, Finny. (His actual name is Phinneas. That sounds very fancy, doesn’t it?) Finny does not quite consider me his mother or even his owner. Though well-meaning and sweet, he doesn’t listen to a thing I say. He drags me around by his leash when we take a so-called walk. In the Finny hierarchy, my husband, Jacob, is alone at the top and the rest of us are down here duking it out.

A couple of days ago, my husband came home from a trip. He reached out to hug me hello, and Finny jumped up right between us, put his paws on Jacob’s shoulders, and attempted to stick his tongue in Jacob’s mouth. Meanwhile I stumbled backward, recognizing that in my marriage, Finny is the other woman.

When Jacob goes to bed first, Finny lies next to him in my spot with the covers up to his shoulders. When Jacob drives, Finny likes to sit proudly in the front passenger seat. I picture the two of them motoring off together in a convertible-Finny’s ears tied back in a flowered kerchief. Finny is attentive and loyal, desiring only the glory of Jacob’s presence. His goodbyes are sorrowful. His greetings are ecstatic. In so many ways, he is the perfect wife.

It’s not that Finny doesn’t love me too. When Jacob’s not around he gives me commiserating looks, like we’re two girls left in the harem.

And when it’s time for dinner and then dish-washing, Finny knows who the sucker is. For that one hour of the day he loves me first and best.



  1. Chae said,

    when you say new books how long will that be???????????

  2. hayley said,

    i grew up reading the sisterhood series and i loved it. unfort that means im getting on now, haha. but ive recentally revisted the series. its still amazing. as you so apatly put it it is kinda a time of your life where so much is happening eternally, but that you kinda carry with you from there on out.i have a dog named Stig (not so fancy! my boyfriend named him after a certian fictional race car driver and it suits) but I have found reading this that I hugely connect with what you are saying. i think in a way animals, esp dogs are so accepting. they love you on your fat days, your bad hair days, they love you when you are ill. this unconditional love shines through that they cant help but be the other woman in all relationships. its funny because my dog is also jumping in the middle to break us up. but that said he needs us all together like family. he treats me like the mother, but my boy like a slave who is the one who picks up poos and feeds him. haha. regardless of the slave labour im the one he still loves the most and no matter what kinda day im having he just totally loves me regardless. animals are precious angels i think.

  3. Anne said,

    i dont have a dog but i want a playful, loyal, entertaining dog named… hmmmmmmm… Vinny

  4. Vernice said,

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  5. Shane said,

    That is so amusing. I had a dog before. I had have him when he is still a baby. I treated him like my younger brother. I do prepare him some milk and food. Until he grew old. Every time I go to school he always followed me until the gate and if given some chance we both escaped together to the park. It changed when I gone to the city for college. I can’t bring him with me in my dormitory because pets are not allowed. It was hard at first because I am used to hug him and took him with me swimming. Anyway, thank you for sharing your post.


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