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01/13/2009 at 6:58 am (Uncategorized)

That my new book, 3 Willows, goes on sale.   I’ve got the usual anxiety.  I’ve also got the usual excitement, but I guess excitement never feels usual.   It’s the beginning of life for new characters and their stories.  Now they are in the world and they get to interact with readers and change and evolve as they go.
I start my book tour in Southbury, Connecticut tonight, move on to Atlanta and Miami later in the week, and then go to Chicago and Denver next week.  The full tour schedule is posted on this site under “Events,” so please do come if you live in one of the cities I’m visiting.  I’d love to meet you.

On the subject of this site, I’m sort of reintroducing it today.  It’s been simplified a bit, it can now be reached by the address (as well as, and I will be able to update it much more easily.  Also, you can now write to me directly  (see the “Write to Ann” link on the homepage).  All these changes are for the better, I hope, and I am thrilled to be able to interact with the site and with readers more easily. 

Thank you for your interest in my books.  Thank you for posting your lovely comments.   I’ll write again soon.



  1. Chae said,

    you are the bomb i love you and i;m a boy!!!!!!!!!

  2. Samantha said,

    Hi, Ann.My name is Sam.I must confess, I did not read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but after reading 3 Willows, I know I have to!I had to do a book review on a book that was published in 2008-2009. And, when I was walking through Sam's Club on Jan. 31th, I found 3 Willows.I read it in about 2 1/2 days.Obviously, my book review is going to be a positive one. 3 Willows is an excellent book!I'm so glad that my teacher assigned this book review, or who knows if I would have looked and found one of my now favorite books?Thanks sooo much for writing this. It's very true to the heart, and very relateable.-Sam

  3. Jodie Larsen said,

    Ann,I'm excited to read willows. I didn't know about the book until today. Currently, I am reading the second book to The Second Summer of the Sisterhood. I love it so far. And I had seen both movies.In the next couple of weeks, I want to read the reamining two books then read 3 Willows.I have a question though, why did they conclude the 3 final books of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants into the second movie? There is so much that happens which is not in the movie.Thank you for your writings. You are a true inspiration. Love, Jodie

  4. Caitlin said,

    I had to read a book for a report and was having trouble finding one. I saw that book and didnt know anything about it. I am now glad that i got that one because i absolutely love it :}

  5. Anonymous said,

    Is there going to be a sequel to 3 Willows?

  6. Dani said,

    Hi Ann! I am a big fan of your sisterhood of the travelling pants books, and when i saw 3 Willows I just HAD to read it! I read it in 2 days, never putting it down, it was a great book! Im sad that its over, and i was wondering if you will be making a sequel?Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a wonderfull book!- Dani

  7. anonymous said,

    Hi Ann!I haven't read the book the 3 Willows yet, but I am going to. I have read the whole series of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and I loved it. I'm just wondering, is the 3 Willows going to be a series????

  8. Sophie said,

    OMG!!! i LUV 3 willows! ama, jo, and polly are irresistible.

  9. Lisa Losaw said,

    Dear Ann,I know this will sound crazy, but i am a mother of two teenage daughters and almost 40 years old. I used to work at a high school library where my children go. When Traveling Pants came out I read the first 3 in 3 three days at my summer camp. I couldn't wait for the last one to come out. Read that one in a day too. I was in the book store and found 3 Willows sat down and started reading it and just had to buy it. Read that one in a day too. I am going to donate it to my daughters library were I worked so that it can be enjoyed by the kids.

  10. Jayde said,

    you are my favourite writerand i love all your booksand i have read most of them 🙂

  11. Olga said,

    Ann, I am in love with your books!I have not read the last books of the travelingpants but i've read the first 2 and they are amazing!i read the first one in 2 days and the second one in 3 days. i loved them and i hope the last 2 are even better 🙂

  12. Maya said,

    Hello Ann!I purchased 3 Willows, just by chance yesterday. I went with my family (cousins included/aunt) to Barnes and Noble. I saw this book, and at first I thought it was about 3 Tress; but then I saw… that you were "THEE BEST SELLING AUTHOR of the traveling pants". So I figured it must be about sisters, I opened it & read the summary (I had to get it!) Wow.. AN AMAZING BOOK!In one day(not a full day) Im on page 38. Im not even going to lie, I have not read Sisterhood.. but I have saw the movies. :)My favorite quote is on page/28. ;]

  13. holly. said,

    oh my goodness-I LOVE 3 of my favouritest books ever!congratulations on writing an amazing book!x

  14. renee said,

    i am reading 3 willows right now and i live in newzealand i have read the 2,3 and the 4th sisterhood of the traverling pants and i love them but i havent got hold of the sisterhood of the traviling pants but i cant wait to read it 😀 i havent seen the movies yet buit i am going to watch them as soon as poss and when i read the second summer of the sisterhood of the traviling pants i read it all in one day and yes i am realy a total book geek 😀 but i am proud of that and even when i go for a walk to the shops i read on the way and way back !!!!! with all the reading i do i think i will need glasses soon but i dont care 😀 ps i cant wait to hear if u eva write another bookall the best from renee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous said,

    I love your books, but, I'm sad to say that the Polly, Ama, and Jo book trailer was very…Suckish. It wouldn't have made me want to read the book, and as from all the girls who saw the trailer on youtube, we ask that a better trailer be made. I mean your such a good author, and the girls are such great characters. I mean, I'm sorry but Ama isn't that pretty, Jo looks like she's ten years old, Tyler's not that hot, and Polly is "okay" but not the way you'd imagine. The whole thing reminds me of what they did to Twilight, they screwed it up.

  16. Emalee said,

    Hi, I'm a 13 year old from Massachusetts. I've read all the sisterhood books and then a couple weeks ago I read 3 willows. I thought it was one of the best books you've written. It might even my favoritest book ever!!!

  17. Anonymous said,

    im really looking forward to reading 3 willows…i recently finished readin the series of the travelling pants n i loved it!! can u plz publish another book on the travelling pants???

  18. Anonymous said,

    I just finished reading The Last Summer (of You and Me). I loved it! I hope you will be coming out with another book soon.

  19. Karina said,

    O.M.G.!!!!!!!That book was AH-MAZING!!!!! I finished it today, Love everything!!!!!!!!!!!! Ann, you are a genious!!!!!!!!!!! Love love love everything! Never got bored!!!!!!!!!! Love the characters, lol and Effie.XOXOXOXOXO,Aspiring Writer,Karina

  20. Ashley said,

    The Last Summer (of You and Me) was amazing! I loved it and could not put it down! I really wish there'd be a sequel to that! Wanting to hear more about Alice and Paul 🙂

  21. Anonymous said,


  22. sabrina smith said,

    I love sisterhood of the traveling pants series!!!!! i read the whole series in 4 weeks!!! and thats good for an 11 year old. everybody (even my teachers) tell me to grow up to be a writer. i think i should. is it fun to be a writer? whats your favorite animal?mines a horse. is 3 willows a good book? i think i might possibly buy it. out of the 4 girls in sisterhood of the traveling pants who is your favorite? mine is bridget. and tibby.and lena. and carmen. i like all of them.bye!from,sabrina nicole smith

  23. Anonymous said,

    Are you going to make the Three Willows into a series?I'm a huge fan and cried when I finished your last Sisterhood Book.I think they did a good job casting Lena. Bledel just really fits the role and I also really like her in Gilmore Girls.I like your books a lot and I thought it was cool in Three Willows how you brought back Effie.Hope you can answer my question.

  24. lena_fan43 said,

    hey! i love the sisterhood books! i cried when i finished them! you are an amazing author and you are inspirational!love your books for forever and eternity,Annep.s. we have the same name! YAY!

  25. Anonymous said,

    I got the sisterhood books for my birthday about 2 weeks ago and i have read the first 2 and a bit of the third one, i would have finished all of them by now but i dont want to finish the series because it is so good!!! they are the only books by ann brashares i have read so i was wondering if anyone can please recomend any to me because i have to do a class talk on an author and i want to do ann, but i need more books than one series totalk about so can someone please rreply!!! thanks

  26. allison said,

    I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed the sisterhood of the traveling pants books. I just finished all four of them, and I didn't want them to end! I fell in love with the characters and their stories. I haven't read 3 Willows yet, but, I'm very anxious to read it now! Thanks for writing such entertaining books! 😀

  27. MJ said,

    Sisterhood is the best series EVER its a MUST READ!

  28. Jess said,

    Thank you Ann for writing books that are relatable to us teenagers. When you read that a character is experiencing the same dramas as you, it makes you feel at ease about it. I started reading the sisterhood of the travelling pants in 2007 and was extremely eager to start and finish the other books. They brought comfort to me, knowing that someone knows the things that we experience. You know that you're reading an outstanding book when you feel that the characters are your own friends. By far you are one of the best authors ever and I will continue to read your books now and into the future. Thank you for being such a big inspiration to myself.

  29. Kuni said,

    Hi Ann,I have read the whole sisterhood series and I really loved them. So I was so excited when I found out about 3 Willows! I read in in 2 days. I loved it also. I liked the new characters and the mention of the old ones. I really liked 3 Willows because I've been through some of the things they have. I was wondering if you were making it into a series too? I'd love to read another one. I'm an aspiring teen author and your work is very inspirational to me. Thank you for your wonderful books and keep writing.I hope I'll be able to one day write as influential as you do.

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