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01/26/2009 at 1:23 pm (My Name Is Memory)

There has been some confusion in switching over from my old website to my new one. I think it’s all figured out, finally. Thanks for your patience. We’re still trying to bring the comments section over from the old site. They should get here soon.

I set up a new mailbox ( or just click on “write to Ann”), and the thing is, it actually works! I am getting emails from readers and writing back. It didn’t work on my old site, so I’m very excited that it works on this one. Thanks to those of you who have written to me.
In other news, I was sick the week before last and I had to cancel my bookstore visits in Connecticut, Atlanta and Miami. If you were planning to come to one of those, I am sorry. I’ve never been sick enough to cancel an appearance before, and I felt terrible for it (in addition to feeling generally terrible because of being sick). I’m feeling much better now and thankful for modern medicine and antibiotics. I’m rescheduling those visits, and I will post them on this site as soon as they are definite.
And last of all, I found out that 3 Willows is going to be #1 on the New York TImes bestseller list of Children’s hardcovers next week. I was pretty surprised and excited about that. The only problem is that I made a deal with my kids that if 3 Willows made it to the top spot on the list, I would take them somewhere warm this winter. I was sort of kidding around when I made the deal. I didn’t think it would happen and I promptly forgot about it. But my kids have been very eager to remind me. So I guess we’re going somewhere warm this winter. So much for the deal I made with myself that I was going to save money.


  1. Camille said,

    I really,really loved Three Willows!Is there a second one comming up?

  2. emily camilleri said,

    Hi Ann! I really loved that 3 willows finally came out and that you are updating your site agiain. I miss reading the new posts on your blog. I haven't read 3 willows yet, but i am eager to. The only problem is that once i read it, i won't have any more books written by you to read! You are such a talented writer. Keep on writing and I will keep reading!

  3. Emily Camilleri said,

    Hi Ann! I am so happy that 3 Willows finally came out. I have not read it yet but I am eager to. The only problem is that once I read it I will have no more new books that you wrote to read. I love your books so much and I think you are such a talented author. Keep on writing and I will keep reading!

  4. Kate said,

    Congratulations on "Three Willows"! I can't wait to read it!

  5. Chae said,

    dude. this book is going to be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kElSiE! said,

    Hey Ann!-i so totally love your books and i think you're a really great author!!! i was extremely desperate to read 3 willows, and i didnt want to pay like 20 dollars for it (hehe sorry im on a tite budget or else i would!!)and then i wz just about ready to pay the money for it and then i just went to the library today and they had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to read it and im sure it will be amazing!!!!!!!!!!! please please PLEASE continue the series!!!!! i feel like now days theres hardly anything good to read…maybe i just need to get out there more ;)love you and ur books sooooooo much!!!!!-Kelsie

  7. Destinee E. said,

    I myself am just now starting the book Three Willows. i think that it is amazing so far!I hope that it continues to be good.

  8. Kallen A. said,

    Hello. I just finished 3 willows, and it was amazing. You are hands down my favorite writer! I read all the sisterhood books, and am excited to start reading about the new girls. Keep em coming, I'm already anticipating the next one! 🙂

  9. Erika said,

    Hey Ann! I finally got my hands on 3 Willows! It was great! I can't wait for your next book!

  10. Kate said,

    Thats really cool and awesome Everyone should read this its cool

  11. anonymous said,


  12. Laura said,

    I loved 3 Willows!! Write fast!! Put the next one out!! I HAVE to see what happens between Jo and Zach!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

  13. Lynsey Jenkins said,

    What inspired you to write the Sisterhood series? The depth and unfailing love within frienship itself? They're wonderful, I must confess. And you did also inspire me to write three novels. I'm in the process of editting two of them, which is nothing but tedium. Inevitable tedium, however, because it cannot be avoided. I hope you continue to write.

  14. Theresa Monahan said,

    I love your new book, Ann!!! I am reading "3 Willows" right now, I love it. I love how Ama is trying something new and being outdoors. Polly reminds me about myself sometimes. Polly is just like me. And Jo is so cute and very talkative in my view. I hope you keep on writing about growing up. I love your books. You are such a great author. You're my favortive, Ann Brashares!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Pau said,

    I really loved 3 Willows and I would love it if there is a second one. However, I do feel that at the same time, it'd be okay if there isn't because there are some books that really leave you hanging but this one doesn't. I really like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and I feel like the movies were pretty bad compared to them. Seriously, the didn't do the book any justice.

  16. Anonymous said,

    hey ann,i just finished reading 3 willows on spring break. I loved the other sisterhood books so i thought i would try it… and i am not a reader but it was great. is it going to be a series like in the past??

  17. dominique annw c. cruz said,

    hi..i'm a big fan of your books, actually i have them all…may i ask if your new book, the 3 willows: the sisterhood grows is gonna be sold here in the philippines??

  18. dominique anne c. cruz said,

    hi ann..i'm a big fan of your books, actually i have them all except the latest…may i ask if your new book, the 3 willows: the sisterhood grows is gonna be sold here in the philippines??

  19. Anonymous said,

    I have all the sisterhood books an love them!!! They make me feel like other people think the same way I do. I also love all the quotes. They make a person think…. I'm going to have to read all your new stuff for sure (:

    • Caroline said,

      Dear anonymous,
      i fell the same way! its great to now that im not alone when i think like Carmen,Bridget, Tibby, and Lena! WRITE BACK! 🙂

  20. Anonymous said,

    Hey, I totally love your books and have them all except the summer of you and me which i can't wait to read…i loved your latest book- 3 willows- which has not yet been released in india but luckily i got it from s'pore…i love your writing style and i would love if there is a sequel to 3 willows…you are a really great author and keep writing coz your books ROCK!!!:)

  21. Shannon said,

    Hello Ann… I just finished 3 Willows and I LOVED it… loved the reference to the girls from the Pants series (which I read all four in four days!!). I am also anxious to know if there is a second book coming in the future?

  22. Cassandra said,

    I really like your books, your new website! I can't wait to read 3 Willows as it sounds like a nice book.

  23. Anne said,

    hey ann!i just started three willows and so far I absolutely LOVE it so far! thanks so much for writing great booksyour #1 fanAnne

  24. neshia said,

    put things about your life on here

  25. Estella Margiotta said,

    someone who knows their stuff and can write well equals a good read, thanks

  26. Sofia said,


    I’m trying to be pateint, but I can’t! I sent you an e-mail. I check mine everyday…But I never got one back! :o)

  27. Caroline said,

    How many Sisterhood books are there in all? I can’t wait to finish the series! I love it so much!

  28. Caroline said,

    When will you be touring in Massachusetts again? I missed you last time, and I really want to see you this time around!! PLEASE come to Massachusetts! You are SO inspiring! 🙂

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