My Name is Memory

10/27/2009 at 5:37 am (My Name Is Memory)

My name is not memory, in fact. But that is the name of my new book, which I just finished this week. I am excited about it. It will be published by Riverhead Books in early June.

But before I go on, I have to apologize. I think I am the worst multi-tasker in the world. No, that is too grand. I am a bad multi-tasker. I have a lot of trouble focusing on writing a book while also keeping my website up to date (not to mention taking care of my children, making dinner, calling my mom back, keeping the pets alive and so on.) To those of you who have continued to check in, thank you. I am so grateful to you for being interested in my books and for letting me know your thoughts. I’m sorry I haven’t been writing in and updating the site more frequently. I hope to do better.

This new book is kind of a departure for me. Not a total departure–it’s mainly about love. But it takes place on a broad canvas of time. I’m going to include a part of a scene below to give you an idea of it. This scene is told from the point of view of Daniel, a young man blessed (or cursed, it often seems) with a long history and a very unusual memory.

Thanks for reading. I’ll write again soon.
“Well. It’s a strange thing,” I explained. “With
each birth your body starts out fresh and mostly blank, but then you print yourself
on it over time. You hold onto
old experiences: injuries, injustices, and great love affairs, too.” I glanced up at Sophia. “And you hold them in your joints and
your organs and wear them on your skin.” 

“You do.” She was giving me that same look of indulgence, but it was less

“We all do.”
“Because we live again and again?”
“Most of us.”
“Not all of us?” Her indulgence showed more signs of genuinely wanting to know.

“Some live only once. Some a very few times. And some just go on and on and on.”
I put my head back on my pillow. “That is hard to explain. I’m not sure I really know.”
“And you?”
“I’ve lived many times.”
“And you remember them?”
“Yes. That’s where I’m different than most people.”
“I’ll say. And what about me?” She looked like she wasn’t going to believe the answer, but slightly feared it anyway.
“You’ve also lived many times. But your memory is just average.”
“Clearly.” She laughed. “Have you known me for all of them?”
“I’ve tried. But no, not all.”
“And why can’t I remember?”
“You can more than you think. Those memories are in there somewhere. You act on them in ways you don’t realized. They determine how you respond to people, the things you love and the things you fear. A lot of our irrational behavior would look more rational if you could see it in the context of your whole long life.”
It was amazing the things I was will to tell her if she was willing to listen, and she was. I touched the hem of her sleeve. “I know enough about you to know you love horses and you probably dream about them. You probably dream of the desert sometimes and maybe taking a bath outdoors. Your nightmares are usually about fire. You have problems with your voice and your throat sometimes–that was always your weak spot . . .”
Her face was rapt. “Why?”
“You were strangled a long time ago.”
Her alarm was a mix of real and pretend. “By whom?”
“Your husband.”
“Awful. Why did I marry him?”
“You didn’t have a choice.”
“And you knew this man?”
“He was my brother.”
“Long dead, I hope.”
“Yes, but bearing a grudge through history, I fear.”
I could see by her face, she was trying to figure out where to put all of this. “Are you a psychic?” she asked.
I smiled and shook my head. “Although most psychics, if they are any good, do have some memory of old lives. And so do most of the people we consider insane. An asylum is about the densest concentration of people with partial memory you will ever find. They get flashes and visions, but usually not in the right order.”
She looked at me sympathetically, wondering if that’s where I belonged. “Is that what you do?”
“No. I remember everything.”


  1. Anne said,

    wow! it seems awesome! i cant wait to read it!

  2. Anonymous said,

    I am so excited you have another book out! Please keep writing for us!

  3. Grace said,

    cool!!! can't wait to read it!!!! Do you know when it comes out in Italy????

  4. Ann Brashares said,

    Thank you for your enthusiasm! I don’t know yet when it will come out in Italy, but I’ll let you know when I find out.

    My warmest and best,

  5. Emily Camilleri said,

    Hey Ann! Don't feel too bad that you haven't updated in so long. I'm just excited to hear that you have a new book coming out. I am definately going to read it. It sounds great. Keep 'em coming!

  6. Anonymous said,

    Ann, this sounds like one of those books I am not going to be able to put down! I'm absolutely thrilled to read it!

  7. Justin said,

    I'm excited too!!!!

  8. Jennifer said,

    I'm super excited for this. I love all your books and even bought an extra copy of The Last Summer (of you and me) to give away on my blog!!!I cannot wait for this!!!Jennifer

  9. Ann Brashares said,


    Thanks! That’s really nice. What is your blog?

    My warmest and best,

  10. Nicole said,

    When will you write a second to 2 willows, dont get me wrong i will be one of the first to get this book thats going to be coming out because i love your writing but id like to see what happens to Ama, Jo, and Polly??

  11. Bridget said,

    Ann-I am very excited for this new book! It seems a little different from your other books. I'm actually really into psychoanalysis. I've been checking your website for updates for a while, but don't stress over it. It's understandable that you're very busy. Sophia is a great character name because it means wisdom, but of course you already know this. I found two typos in the passage: "You act on them in ways you don't realized." and "It was amazing the things I was will to tell her if she was willing to listen"

  12. Kait said,

    Ann,I'm so excited to hear you have a new book! I grew up with your "Sisterhood" girls, so it's nice to have some adult fiction from you now. I have to admit to being a tiny bit disappointed this new book isn't the adult Sisterhood book you mentioned, but I know this book will be wonderful and will (patiently) wait for another Sisterhood! I miss Tibby, Lena, Briget, and Carmen!

  13. Ann Brashares said,


    Im currently at work on the adult Sisterhood book and enjoying digging back into the world of those four girls (now women). I’m not sure the publication date yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. Thanks for being part of sisterhood. (And I do hope you’ll enjoy the new book too.)

    My warmest and best,

  14. Lily said,

    I just finished 3 Willows and i cant wait to read My Name is Memory. It seems really good! Are you going to write a second one after 3 Willows?

  15. Anonymous said,

    Ann-I read 3 willows over the summer and thought it was extremely good. The writing was so beautiful on how it described the feelings of the characters, and I found the plots very easy to relate to and well put. So I was wondering if you are going to continued the 3 willows and if you are, when will the next book come out?thanks,anonymous

  16. Jill said,

    Is 3 willows going to be made into a movie like the sisterhood was?

  17. Alicia Rankin said,

    Hi, Ann! I absolutely loved the traveling pants books. I've read a TON (i'm an English major!), and they are definitely among my very favorites of all time (along with Pride and Prejudice and Little Women)!!! I feel like I kind of grew up with the girls, because I read the books when I was the same age as they were. I really connected with each of them.

  18. Alicia said,

    Ahh! I just saw that you aren't done with the original sisterhood! That's sooo great!!! I'm sooo excited!! How old are they going to be? That is wonderful news!! 😀

  19. casandra said,

    wow sounds wonderful! this book will be on my shelf as well!

  20. Abigil Connolly said,

    I have been buisy so I just got to read your last book, 3 willows the sisterhood grows, I have been spending the last few nites reading one chapter a nite and with christmas coming I havn't been able to do anymore cause I'm still not prepared for the holidays. Well today when I was out with my mom and gram I opped to staying in the car most of the stops to read. I was into the book so much I couldn't put it down so I finished it tonite. The book is amazing. All your book are. I can't wait till this one comes out. Have you ever thought of writing another book to follow the 3 willows one? I think you could. I'm a writer so I'm very interested in reading others writings. I hope you take this into consideration. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to reading. You are deffinitly my favorite writer.

  21. Gabrielle said,

    Sounds really good. I've read all your books so far and I definitely plan on reading this one…Im excited! June cant come fast enough…just in time fore summer…

  22. Emma said,

    Sounds great! Can't wait to read it! I got 3 willows for christmas from my parents. I started to read it the day after and it's realy good! I have just got some pages left now. Are you thinking of making more books about Jo, Ama and Polly? Looking forwad to read your new book, but I guess I must wait until it comes to sweden.

  23. Anonymous said,

    i just finished reading the sisterhood for the 3rd time. thank u for writing more

  24. Anonymous said,

    I really would love to read a second 3 Willows! I think you are one if the greatest authors in the world! I read 3 Willows in 9 hours because it was so good!!!! Keep writing!…FOR US!! 🙂

  25. Holly said,

    That is a fascinating concept. I have been pondering it myself for some time. I can't wait to read your book!

  26. Chevelle Houser said,

    wow i cant wait to read your newest book comeing out im doing a report on you in school and its so awsome

  27. Nailah said,

    HI!! i read all of your books and cant wait to read this one!!! Keep them coming!!!

  28. Jen said,

    Wow!!! Can't wait for this book to come out! I adore Sisterhood. They're of the few physical copies of books I've kept while decluttering my bookshelves. And The Last Summer of You and Me was fantastic! So happy to see you publishing another book!

  29. Anonymous said,

    Hi Ann,I'm an Australian journalist and got an advance copy of the book – I couldn't help but get in touch to let you know I finished it in two sittings. Absolutely loved it. Needless to say, I can't wait for more and congrats on the film deal!

  30. Anne said,

    I cant WAIT for this to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. ILoveToRead5 said,

    You are one of my favorite authors! You and Meg Cabot! I am starting to read The Sisterhood series! But your'e so amazing! And i hope to meet you one day! Keep writing so i can keep reading

  32. Nancy said,

    I enjoyed _My Name Is Memory_ but really hope there is more to the story… Is it true there will be a sequel?

  33. donna carlson said,

    I just finished My Name is Memory and loved it but please tell me there is a sequel!!!!!!!!

  34. Cassandra Cain said,

    Hello all!I just finished reading My Name is Memory– couldn't put it down! Love it. I was just wondering, does anyone know if it is the first of a series? I feel like the ending was so open. I hope so! I wanna see these two together gosh darn it! haha 🙂

  35. Linda said,

    Loved the book, but was wondering if there was a sequel, as it sort of left me hanging?

  36. Dee said,

    I just finished, My Name is Memory. It was wonderful. Loved the story…it left me wanting more. So the important question is, when is the sequel coming out? I can't wait.

  37. Ashley S. said,

    Hey Ann,I just finished reading your book and it was amazing. I loved it – I felt the connection between Lucy and Daniel. It's love that one can only dream of having. One question though, will there be a sequel because I'm DYING to know what will ultimately happen to their love story!!

  38. mutuelle said,

    Nice book, i've just finished reading it. continue to write, waiting for the next

  39. Caddy said,

    I just finished reading this book. I couldn't put it down and stayed up till 4AM. Can't wait for the sequel! D

  40. kadir avci said,

    Hello. I read the book 1 month ago and it's amazing.

  41. Tracey said,

    Hi Ann. I loved this book. Had a hard time putting it down. I have to know if there will be a sequel?

  42. AnthousaGreece said,

    i have a question for you(Ann) what's the name of the second book??and when it will publish??

  43. E. F. Price said,

    I just finished “My Name is Memory”. I absolutely loved it! It was such a cliff hanger, I need to know if and when there will be a sequel. If there isn’t one, I am afraid I have to call you evil. Really amazing book, it is now on my favorites list. If it isn’t my favorite, it’s seconf only to “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I will recommend it to everyone (as I have been since I read the first chapter).

    • annbrashares said,

      Ha! Thanks, I’m not evil! I too hope for a sequel – cross your fingers.

      My warmest and best,

  44. Natasha said,

    Hi Ann, ‘My Name is Memory’ is absolutely captivating! I’m so excited to be able to tell you this! I’m actually only half way through the book. I can hardly put it down. Thank-you for such a beautiful read.

  45. Mellisa said,

    Your book is absolutely lovely! I could not put it down for one moment! I’m crossing my fingers for your follow up. I feel addicted to your stories. Hahahaa:) good luck and I’ll keep telling everyone to read your wonderful work

    • annbrashares said,


      Thanks! Thank you. Thank you. You are very kind.

      My warmest and best,

  46. leslie said,

    hi! when will the second book be published? im so excited!! 😀
    i hope this year….ur a great author

    • annbrashares said,


      Thanks. When? Well I don’t know. All I can say is I’m very excited and hope everything lines up so I can dig into that ASAP.

      My warmest and best,

  47. Louise said,

    Hey Ann. I have just read My Name Is Memory and i was just wondering if their would be a sequel? I just wanted to say that i thought it was a REALLY good book and i’ve read it in two days, Just couldn’t put it down! your very talented 🙂

    • annbrashares said,


      Two days! WOW. I hope to write a sequel, I really do.

      My warmest and best,

  48. Sarah D said,

    I just finished My Name is Memory and sat at the edge of my seat the whole time! I loved traveling through time and seeing “Lucy” and “Daniel” evolve. The plot was rich as well as each of the characters – some of who I hope to discover more if there are future books. For now my mind hangs in the balance!

    Any word on the sequel?

    • annbrashares said,


      Thank you! A sequel, that is my hope and intention.

      My warmest and best,

  49. Hannah said,

    I absolutely love your books, I want to start with that. I’m looking forward to reading my name is memory and am saving for it. My favorite book of yours so far is the second summer of the sisterhood. What was your favorite book to write?

    • Ann Brashares said,

      Thank you for your sweet words. I’m so glad the books have touched you and you enjoyed them. As for my favorite book, I guess they are all my favorites. I enjoy writing and become attached in many ways to the characters, stories and books. I hope you will enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting as it comes on in June. As it is my most recent book, I think it’s now my favorite.

      My warmest and best,

  50. Hannah said,

    Oh yeah, did I mention you are a great author?

  51. Luís said,

    Hello anna, I’ve read your book some time ago and I wonder if you are already working on the sequel of this wonderful “My name is memory” and can give an approximate date for his departure for sale.

    Greetings from Portugal, Luis

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I wish I could tell you that there is a sequel to My Name is Memory but as of now, there are no plans. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that everything lines up and there will be one. Wishing you well.

      My warmest and best,

  52. Shannon said,


    Though perhaps it’s too much to hope that things have miraculously lined up in the last week or so, let me join my fellow readers in clamoring for a sequel to “My Name is Memory.” I absolutely devoured this book, which I happened upon by chance and will now be eagerly recommending to my dearest bookworm friends. How can a story seem so refreshingly new and achingly familiar at the same time? I long to find out where Lucy and Daniel’s journey leads next! I can be patience, but please let us know there is hope.

    Waiting and wishing…


    • Ann Brashares said,


      Yes, fingers still crossed on the sequel to My Name is Memory.
      I’m thrilled you have enjoyed the story. I, too, would love to follow Daniel through several more lifetimes, wouldn’t you? Here’s to the future and hope for the sequel!

      My warmest and best,

  53. Samantha Sapp Jackson said,

    I too read the book in two days and can’t wait to recommend it to all of my friends! I join the list of your fans who crave a sequel 🙂

  54. Kendall said,


    I LOVED “My Name is Memory”… stayed up until 3:30am just to finish it 🙂 I, like many of the other readers, *hope* a sequel is in order- I am left wondering what happens between Daniel and Lucy!

    Thank you for writing such great books!


  55. sunsetwinds said,

    Hi Ann. I see that when you last replied, in May, you said you aren’t sure there will be a sequel. I am absolutely DESPERATE for one. I was so touched and awed by this book. I read it in one sitting on a beautiful sunny day. Just as I was finishing it a thunder storm rolled in! I think the sky was reflecting my feelings that it was over with no promise of a sequel! LOL. Please tell me you’ve given it some thought now and that you have indeed decided you’ll write one? Please please please?

  56. Rose said,

    I know just barely last month you said you still got hope for a sequel but I thought I would ask again lol. I really really enjoyed the book and has read it more than once! My sister also enjoyed it and constantly asks me about it. I hope you have some news soon and will keep hoping for it 🙂

  57. nita said,

    like some others have asked, I really hope there will be a sequel to your amazing book! No offense but while I don’t believe in reincarnation, your most intriguing book gave me much to think about in terms of eternal lasting love, something this single gal hopes to one day have.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m glad you enjoyed reading My Name Is Memory and I’m grateful to have challenged your mind and your heart.

      My warmest and best,

  58. nita said,

    By the way, I did like the concept you present of reincarnated souls recognizing each other and keeping closes ties w/people they cared about in previous lives. My father is from India, until your book I’ve never appreciated the beauty of reincarnation. While I believe we have one soul that goes on for all eternity in the same body (ie to me we just have one life to live as the soap opera says), your book was helpful in strengthening my views on eternal life and that life doesn’t end with death. Best wishes as you (hopefully 🙂 ) write those sequels!!!

  59. Amanda Smith said,

    Hi Ann,
    So my friend and I loved your book, and without a sequel in the mix for sure maybe you could answer a debate we are having… She says Daniel is dead and is the baby… I say he is alive and is learning thing that he could use to defeat joaquin… Any insight into this dilemma would be very helpful… Thank you Amanda

  60. mrscopeland said,

    Dear Ann,

    I recently stumbled upon My Name is Memory and it was the best book I’ve read in a long time! I believe if you love a book you should share it with friends and family. I have passed it on to so many people this summer that the book is falling apart. My family and friends are loving it! So please tell us the story isn’t over and will continue! You must write a series of Daniel and Lucy books! I can’t get enough!

    Thank you!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the book and it’s made it’s way through your friends and family. Fingers crossed everything lines up for more lifetimes of Daniel and Lucy!

      My warmest and best,

  61. Danielle said,

    I am truly hoping for a sequel… it is an epic story, and would be a shame to leave the readers wondering how the story ends. If Lucy and Daniel will ever be able to be together. The battle between Daniel & Joaquim, and the solution to his bodysnatches. Lucy & Daniel’s baby and whether it is another soul that Daniel knows being reborn. Lucy’s fate if Daniel cannot return. Daniel’s learning to live in the present without fear of losing it or looking too far ahead… too much is left without closure to a story that was deeply satisfying in its detail up to the end. It would be sad to readers that were invested in these characters that we all came to love had no closure.

    I don’t even need another few lifetimes, as I believe that now that Daniel has learned to live in & appreciate the present, and has been forgiven by Lucy for that first act, that he needs to continue to cycle. Maybe closure is just that, and his soul can rest after a long life?

    Please let us know if this may be in the cards… A new reader

  62. Ana said,

    Hi Ann,

    have just finished ready My name is Memory and needless to say I wholeheartedly agree with my fellow readers. The story was an absolute joy to read. I love the concept of the story and the way you have tackled the issue of reincarnation, as well as life, death and love. I feel Daniel’s character was incredibly well developed and loved his inner dialogue as well as his views on the world and the human soul.

    I do sincerely hope you carry on with the story as it seems a shame to leave it without a more satisfying sense of conclusion. Besides, a world where Joaquim can roam free is not a good prospect!

    Congratulations on a wonderful book. I think it’s fair to say it is now in my, not very long, list of favourite books.


    • Abby said,

      I stayed up until 3:00 AM finishing My Name is Memory last night. My fingers are crossed and crossed again that there will be a sequel!

    • Tawny said,

      I, too, finished the book in 2 days and stayed up to 3 am to do so! This book absolutely needs a sequel. Are you waiting for inspiration? If so, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are Sophia/Constance/Lucy? Maybe that’ll get things moving as my heart’s currently aching for Lucy!! Everlasting Sisterhood also was amazing, esp how you managed to bring about Carmen’s adult voice perfectly!! Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading!

  63. Dawn said,


    I too just finished My Name Is Memory and LOVED it!! Please, please tell me that you’ll be writing a sequel!!

  64. Passionate reader said,

    I read all of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and loved it, so went I heard of My Name is Memory I rushed to read it. I was expecting to see a resolution where Daniel would fight his brother but there were so many loose ends! I thought that meant a sequel would be coming out but heard because it was not a Best Seller that is not the case. PLEASE right a sequel to this book! Readers are engulfed in a story where we fall in love with the characters and want to know the rest of their stories. Is Lucy pregnant? How is will Daniel defeat his brother? Who was helping his brother? How will Lucy and Daniel go about living their lives? Will they be together and if so how?

    You owe it to us, your readers to finish this story and have a sequel so we can find out what happens. Please give us information about when the sequel will be published. The way the book ended it is unknown where the next book will head.

    Passionate Reader

  65. Raechel said,

    I bought “My Name is Memory” this morning and finished it tonight, I could not put it down. You really did a beautiful job weaving, and inter-weaving each of their stories. I was a “Sisterhood” fan, was sure nothing could top “The Last Summer of You and Me”, but absolutely fell in love with the characters in “My Name is Memory”. The book reviews on the cover compared it to “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” series’ (both of which I adore) but this book went way above and beyond in the development of story and plot. It is truly a work of art! I read constantly, and your books always stick with (or rather-haunt) me (in the best of ways!). Thanks so much for what you do!!!

  66. mlacroix said,

    Excellent novel! I thank you very much for writing it and like many others I hope you will write a sequel. I found your book by chance at Costco and read it in 3 days. :-)) (Just because I have children and a job…)
    You are a wonderful writer. I love reading and this is the first time I take the time to write to an author.
    I don’t know if it is intuition or memory of past lives but i have “recognized” some people in my own life and knew in advance the important ones for me and if they would bring me joy or pain…
    Keep up the good work
    You have a fan here!

  67. Samantha Wilson said,

    I love your writing and I loved this book. Although, I must say, I would love it more if there were a sequel. The ending is far too open for my taste and I would love to know where Daniel and Lucy end up. Please, please, please bless us faithful readers with a sequel to this story!!!

  68. Khryss Jay said,

    hello anne i’m a big fan of your books. just finished reading my name is memory. another outstanding novel which i surely love. my aunt is also an author and she said that i have a good taste in choosing books and authors and told her that Anne Brashares never fails to make your heart change. anyways keep up the good work and hoping for a sequel. may i ask if there would be any movie of my name is memory. because i’m dying to know. take care always

  69. Khryss jay said,

    hello Ann
    i just finished reading my name is memory. and its truly a good book. once i started nothing bothered me until i finished reading it. you really have a wide imagination. and full of possibilities. i love all your novels. and the way you deal with facts merged with fantasies, love is really unpredictable it comes in unexpected time and place, it never disappoints. the idea of searching for the one you truly love gave a big impact, the mind forgets but the heart remembers.
    . By the way congratulation to an outstanding book. the book arrived here in the Philippines last July. yet people still comes flooding in. hoping for a sequel and by the way are there plans to make a movie of it? it deserves an Oscar or Grammy.
    keep up the good work and take care always.

  70. Maggie said,

    I know this is a little late, but I just finished My Name is Memory, and it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time!


  71. Emily said,

    Hi Ann,

    My Name is Memory was one of those rare books for me that I wished I could erase from my memory when I finished, just so I could go back to the beginning and enjoy the experience of reading it all over again. The concept of reincarnated souls was so intricately though out and poignant, it was so refreshing and a wonderful read. I immediately went searching to find out if there would be a sequel and I was so sad to find out there isn’t one in the works! I hope that changes one day. I think it’s safe to say you have a huge fan base who would love nothing more than to hear more from Daniel and Lucy!

    Thank you for your novels- the Sisterhood series (and now My Name is Memory) have had a huge impact on my life and brought so much joy to so many people!


  72. Sarah said,

    Hey Ann,I loved my name is memory,very interesting.Any updates on sequels? Im gonna get in contact with the publisher too for any info.

  73. Cheyenne said,

    I really hope you do go on with the story.. Considering I’ve read & reread the book 4 times now trying to come up with the answers to questions I come upon.

    Please (:

  74. Pam Breedlove said,

    Adding my voice to the rest: Memory was satisfying and unique, but it left a number of dangling threads that could certainly be woven into another great story.

  75. Mary said,

    Any news on the sequel? Just re-read this book for the 5th time, couldn’t help but hope you have a new book coming out this summer!

  76. Kiki said,

    Just finished this book, first one of yours I have read. I absolutely loved it ~ until the end. I truly hope that the sequel is now in the works as so much more needs to be told! Not just Daniel and Lucy/Sophia but Joaquim, Ben and even the strong tie to Molly. Please, please, please continue this story!

  77. Cat said,

    Hi Ann,
    I just finished listening to the audio version of your book “My Name is Memory” and wanted to add my voice to the clamoring for more. Since it’s been about 9 months since you’ve responded, I thought I’d go ahead and ask again. Any plans for a sequel? I loved the book and the concept, and I’d love to hear more of Daniel and Lucy/Sophia’s story!

    Let me (and the rest of your fans) know!

  78. F said,

    Please please please please write/release the next part of the story!

  79. Evelyn Galbier said,

    Hello Ann,
    We can still hope for a sequel of “My Name is Memory?
    Please, please, please…

    Regard from Brazil!!!

  80. AJ said,

    Hi Ann,

    I’ve gotta admit, this was the first book I’ve read under your name (and it won’t be the last ;)). It was truly fantastic! As many people have stated above me, I am hoping and dying for a sequel. I realize that you are a very busy woman, have a life, and a family to care for but please don’t deny us of a sequel with an ending like that! You are a wonderful writer and hope nothing but the best for you.


  81. Kelly said,

    i’ve read this twice, and will probably read it a third time VERY soon. please write a sequel soon, i’m dying here!

  82. Mona H said,

    I just finished “My Name is Memory.” It took one day (okay, one night). I couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to find out what happens next!!!

  83. Jessica Hugaerts said,


    Just read My name is Memory andabsolutely loved it, can’t wait for the sequel.
    Please keep writing, I love reading your books!
    They are soo addicting!

    Thank you

    Kind regards


  84. kp said,

    I am reading all the comments regarding the impossibility of having a sequel to my name is memory. Hopefully publishing will understand that you can’t just leave your readers hanging like you did in this novel. Has there been any recent discussion regarding a sequel?

  85. Aubs said,

    One of my favorite books! Any news on if there will be a sequel??

  86. Dawn said,

    Hi Ann,
    It’s been awhile since I’ve read this book, over a year and I can say that it’s one that has stayed with me. I keep checking for book 2!
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful story.

  87. Amanda said,

    Any news on a possible sequel yet?? Just finished the book and LOVED IT. Took me one day to read since I never put it down. PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL!!!

  88. Living the Rain said,

    Dear Ann,

    Thank you for bringing My Name is Memory in life. It is an enticing book of how people find one another. Thank you for being an inspiration. It gave me a reason to love again and to hope a brighter future. I really hope you write a sequel to this book and I believe you are a great writer. Please. Please. Please. Please write a sequel. Daniel ang Lucy’s love is worth reading.

    Thank you very much Ann :*

  89. jblairdehaan said,

    Still well into 2012, people are buzzing on the Internet looking for a sequel to this wonderful book… I devoured it in two days and have recommended it to all of my book loving friends who are now also craving a sequel. These characters feel too special to lose.

  90. Haley said,

    I have absolutely ENJOYED reading My Name Is Memory!!! My friend gave it to me yesterday, and I just finished it!!! I really enjoyed getting to experience the complicated live story of Lucy and Daniel, and I was on the edge of my set the whole time!! SOOO hoping for a sequel soon!!!!

  91. Shenandoah said,

    This is one of my top ten books of all times (enchanting and cohesive writing throughout), but only if it is part of a series. Please don’t leave us hanging!

  92. Renee said,

    Dear Ann,
    I only have one regret about reading My name is Memory. I should have waited until the sequel is out. It is torture not having a conclusion. I agree with Danielle above. No need for multiple lives. There is no way you can leave the story as it is. Please!

  93. Sydney said,

    I just finished reading it and I started it yeasterday and I was just wondering if your ever going to make a second book?? Because this book is so amazing I mean what I wouldn’t give/do to read more of this book has become my new favorite book!!!
    -Sydney 8D

  94. Jenn Dashney said,

    Oh, Ann.

    I just reluctantly finished the last pages of the book and I felt moved to say thank you. I’m penning my first novel as we speak and feel like you’ve given me new hope. I loved and hated the ache for the next pages and the desire to keep the read from ending. Even with my best efforts to go slowly, I finished it this week. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon it in the bookstore. Here’s hoping for a sequel with the rest of your readers!

    PS: I hope that Daniel gets Molly back somehow.

  95. Anna said,

    Hi Ann,

    I just read ‘My name is memory’ and I have to admit it is one of the best books I have ever read. I was touched by a story of eternal love that keeps going despite of time, showing that true love will always find its way.

    I was captivated by Daniel’s character, and I followed his searched for Lucy with a trembling heart. I was intrigued by his vision of the world and human nature. However, I’ve been mostly intrigued by his vision of love. He’s been in love for thousands years, yet he just learnt what the true love is. Love is, it doesn’t wait for a good moment and importantly it gives you courage to take matters in your own hands.
    Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice; it’s not a thing to be waited for, but a thing to be achieved. William Jennings Bryan

    Congratulations on an amazing book. I truly hope there is a sequel coming, it would be a pity to leave Daniel, when he finally learned that there is no reason to put off life for later.


  96. Rachel said,

    I know this book has been out for a few years now, but I just discovered it. Couldn’t put it down. Rushed to the internet hoping to find a sequel, but I found no sequel due to “lack of interest”. I couldn’t believe that. I’m definitely interested! Who can I contact to let them know that a sequel if not a trilogy should be in the works?

  97. Shelby said,

    Along with the few blogs above mine please let me (and every one else ) if you are coming out with a sequel to My Name Is Memory. I loved the book but i’m on edge I want to know what happens.

  98. ginny said,

    What a refreshing story. I’m not an avid reader and usually get reads passed to me by friends and family. Some how this book reached out to me from the store shelf. It promised something different and new – nicely, not a formula book. But I feel betrayed that you left it so open ended and find it hard to believe there wasn’t a sequel well in the works or ready for publishing when this was released.
    Looking over the internet for more info it appears that Memory wasn’t received by the masses like your other works. That’s good and bad, some of the best don’t reach the masses. I hope you won’t be ruled by the system and almighty dollar and let this story, it’s characters, your readers have closure.

  99. pattysolon said,

    hi anna. i’m from the Philippines and I just finished reading ‘My Name is Memory’ a couple of days ago. I don’t read much but this book is just so rich in its plot. I couldn’t help but be entranced by it. I feel like i’m part of the book now like it’s real and it’s really difficult for me to begin to think that the sequel would not come out. I really hope the publishers or even the lack of popularity of the book won’t stop you from giving the readers what they badly need, closure.

  100. Annie said,

    I read My Name is Memory a few years ago and I still keep checking your website for news of a sequel. I truly hope that your publishers are seeing this interest and are willing to give the go ahead for a sequel. Obviously by the responses I have read above I am not the only one here waiting for the next installment of this breathtaking story. These characters are not ready to be put to rest and your ending obviously lent itself toward a continuation of the story. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put us out of our misery and give us more of this incredible journey!!!!!!

  101. Kate said,

    Hi Ann – I am away from my beloved family for this Christmas and just finished My Name is Memory over last night and this morning. I felt jolted from a dream when I reached the last page and realised it was the end of the book. Thank you for writing such a lovely book. I hope to come across a sequel at some point in the not-too-distant future (in this life). 🙂

  102. Nik said,

    Sequel? I cannot get this story out of my head.

  103. Sue said,

    Ann, I am a big fan of your books, too. I have read all the Sisterhood books and My name is Memory. I am also hoping for a sequel for Memory. I also love your book, The Last Summer (of You & Me)! Is there hope for a movie version of any more of your books in the works?

  104. Margaret Tassione said,

    I read this book the year it came out and I am pining, yearning, hoping, and wishing for the sequel to come out soon. Thank you. Your writing is prolific and a great gift to your enamored readers!


  105. Cristina said,

    Please Please don’t abandon us. I know that I have read there will be no next book… but… how can you leave us the way things were? Please even if it is just an ebook. I would buy it… Or at least write us a last chapter so we have an ending… I almost cried when I read that there might not/would not be a second book.

  106. Tina said,

    This is the first of your books I have read. I read it in a few days and loved the story. When I finished the last page, I had no idea it was over. I turned my eyes to the ackniwledgements page and just stared for a while before looking beyond it for a prologue. Without one, i went online to find news of a sequel. I know it isnt a simple process, but i wanted to add my voice to those asking for the next part of the story. Thank you for your beautiful prose, I look forward to reading your other books.

  107. Tamara Schwarz said,

    I do like a love story, but what was amazing to me was the context. You set out so many concepts that I have always intuitively believed in such an accessible way.

    Maybe the ending was that there was no ending, maybe it is all a work in process, but it’s like the last chapter is missing. Could you please write one, just for us?

  108. Dianne Kotschneff said,

    Sequel….please!! This story is too good to end with just one book!

  109. rebecca2000 said,

    One of my favorite books ever. I wish I could read the others.

  110. Amanda Balk Goldblatt said,

    Sequel please! Or at least an ending for your loyal readers.

  111. Chelsie said,

    I read your book, My Name is Memory, about two years ago. And for the past two years, every so often, this book pops back into my head and I google hoping for word that there is a sequel in the works! I’ll cross my fingers that one of these times I’ll find myself with some good news! I would love an ending to this story!

  112. Lola said,

    After finishing the book almost 2 years ago, I keep finding myself back here hoping that I’ve let enough time pass by and your sequel is out. But no such luck. It doesn’t stop me from reading the book over and over again, but PLEASE GIVE US SOME CLOSURE!!!!!

  113. Sarah M said,

    Ann, I just finished the book. Any progress on a possible sequel?

  114. Jennifer said,

    My Name Is Memory is the first book that I’ve read from you. I loved it! I am going to the bookstore tomorrow to buy all of the books you’ve written. By the sounds of your readers I can’t go wrong. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with the world. I look forward to reading all of your books and I too anxiously await the rest of Daniel and Lucy’s love story!



  115. chay said,

    I am begging you. Please release the sequel to my name is memory. I just want you to know that i jad to flip the last page of the book quite a few times just to accept the fact that that was really the last page and realize that it was the end of it. Please! Release the friggin sequel!!!! I’m begging you!

    Dying while waiting,

  116. Caitlin McQueen said,

    My dad gave me ‘My name is memory’ two days ago (because I loved the sisterhood books when I was younger) and I’ve already finished it – it was absoultely fascinating and really touched me. However, the ending has left me in utter despair. I feel as though there is an empty hole in my chest that can only be fulfilled by some sort of resolution. I don’t necessarily need a happy ending, but I do need closure! I’m with Chay; I’m begging you for a sequel!

  117. Erica said,

    I’m hearing rumors that there won’t be a sequel to My Name is Memory and I’m truly hoping that you can dispell those rumors 😦 Dying to know what happens next, gravely dissappointed I possibly won’t.

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