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12/02/2009 at 3:39 pm (My Name Is Memory)

My Name is Memory was optioned for film. If you are interested in more details, you can read about it here. It happened really quickly. In fact the book hadn’t yet been copyedited, and I felt bad for those scouts and producers having to soldier through my typos and other dumb errors. But it was thrilling, more than anything, to feel that this book was connecting with readers. Peter Chernin is the buyer, and I’ve heard only great things about him.

You never know what will happen. Most options never turn into movies. (I’m practiced at keeping my expectations in check). But I am hopeful. I can’t help it.


  1. Jennifer said,

    Woot woot…that's so exciting!!! I cannot wait for this book to come out. I may need to invest in an extra copy when it does come out for another giveaway. Congrats!!!

  2. Emily said,

    Hi Ann. That is sooo exciting! Congratulations! I can't wait to read the book when it comes out and when I'm finished with it and, if it does happen, see the movie.

  3. Alicia said,

    Cool!! Congratulations, Ann!! I'm excited to read the book! 🙂

  4. Emis said,

    Oh wow, I think that is SOOOO cool! Congrads!

  5. kimmy said,

    I also read somewhere that the Last Summer (of you and Me) was being made into a movie as well… is this true?

  6. Gabrielle said,

    Wow im such a nerd for being so excited haha. Congrats

  7. Anonymous said,

    I really think it'd be crazy not to turn this into a movie. The idea sounds great. My copy has been pre-ordered. Best of luck, Ann and can't wait to read it!

  8. lucia said,

    Cool! Are you planning to write a fifth Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book?? Oh please!? I am desperately waiting. You are a great writer and I am obsessed with your series:)

  9. Maddy said,

    Ann,I'm so happy to hear that My Name is Memory is optioned for a movie! I loved seeing The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on the big screen, and I can't wait to read My Name is Memory and I hope I will be able to go see that at the movies too!

  10. Smilesformiles said,

    Congrats your writing is awesome I think The Last Summer of you and me should be optioned for film too:)

  11. Joanna said,

    Can't wait to read "My name is Memory", Congrats. I really enjoyed the "the Last Summer of you and Me" it brought back so many memories of Fire Island.

  12. Mediebureau said,

    The idea sounds great. My copy has been pre-ordered. Best of luck, Ann and can't wait to read it!

  13. Shannon said,

    love you ann

  14. Elisabeth ~ Babbette said,

    This is great news! As I was reading it, I kept thinking about what a beautiful movie it would make. I'm currently working on my review of this book – which I loved – and so I'll be sure to add this bit of info. Best of luck with the release! Elisabeth

  15. June said,

    Hi Ann,I just finished reading your new book and I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable, fantastically written and absorbing it was. I picked up a copy in the airport and it was probably my best airport purchase to date (no joke). I just loved everything about it. I really, really hope it comes out on film and that the film does justice to what a superb book it is.All the best,June

  16. Sandy said,

    I just finished "My Name is Memeory" and it was wonderful. My memory isn't quite as long as Daniel's but I have to say that you know "of which you speak" A movie would be a terrific bonus.

  17. Amber Duckman said,

    I think you book The Last Summer (of you and me) should be made into a movie.

  18. Gabby said,

    I loved this book, so I'm quite excited to see the film when it comes out (which I imagine might not be for a while!). It'll have to be a rather large cast, I imagine 😉 A question: Are you planning to write a sequel for this book? There were so many loose ends and I want to know what happens!

  19. AnthousaGreece said,

    i just finish the first book and it's AWESOME(but i cry a LOT in the end).i'm excited that the book will be a movie!!!!!!!!

  20. Maggie said,


    A friend of mine suggested this book to me, and I finished it within the day. It was fantastic! I absolutely could not put it down. Although, along the same line as “Gabby”, I am dying to know, beyond my own speculation, how the story ends! The wondering will occupy my thoughts for quite some time!

  21. BURGE said,

    Dear Ann,
    I just finished your last book ‘My name is memory” and loved it a lot. But I hope the story would hava a second book, because the end of the book killed me, I’m sure most of your readers would wonder ”What’s going to happen next between Daniel and Lucy?”. It is a great story though any producer would want to film your book. I’m really happy for you and for us, your books’ fans, that we could have a chance to watch the movie of a book we liked. Thanks for your great writing!!!

    • Ann Brashares said,

      Thank you for the lovely comments. I am so happy you enjoyed My Name is Memory. As far as producers, gosh, what a great question. Wouldn’t it be great if it were made into a movie!? I am thrilled to say that Chernin Entertainment and New Regency have purchased the screen rights. If all goes well, one day we’ll be able to see Daniel and Lucy on the big screen. Until then, check out my blog for more details as they happen.

      My warmest and best,

  22. nita said,

    I really hope the movie works out! I started reading your book thinking this would also be a great movie. (I had just found the book by fluke at a library) About 2/3 of the way thru the book I looked up reviews of the book as I found it so fascinating- and I was thrilled to see the movie plans!

  23. MamaTech said,

    Yes I just finished re-reading “My Name is Memory” and remembered that when I finished it the first time, it left me craving a continuation. The article you pointed to http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118011155.html?categoryid=13&cs=1 indicated that there would be TWO more books. Now that I have re-read it, I’m really hankering for it now!

  24. Sofia said,

    I loved the book so much. To see it grow into a movie, I am thrillled. The book was fantastic, so the movie is bound to be good. I’ll have to see it! I really do hope the film thingy works out. 😉

  25. Cheyanne said,

    I love to read and I have read some page turners before but none of them come close to My Name is Memory. This book is absolutely fantastic and Is by far my favorite. I would love to see it be made into a movie, but I would much rather read a sequel first. I am hoping and praying for a sequel to come out soon. Thank you Ann for writing such a beautiful book and please, please, please write one more.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Wouldn’t it be so great to see Daniel on the big screen?! Fingers crossed!

      My warmest and best,

  26. Elizabeth Wood said,

    My daughter and I loved your book Memory. We were wondering when the sequel will be comming out? Thanks for writing!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m touched that yo and your daughter can share in their story. As soon as I know I promise to post it on the blog!

      My warmest and best,

  27. Diana said,

    I just reread My Name is Memory as it is my all time favorite novel. I was excited to read about sequels. Cant wait for those! Recently I heard the Christina Perry song, A Thousand Years on the radio and immediately thought it was the perfect theme song for the movie, when it comes out. I am hoping to hear some news about a sequel soon. Thank you for having such a wonderful imagination. Your creativity has given me hours of enjoyment.

  28. canadauli said,

    Dear Ann,
    I just started and finished the book today ( to be exact: finished about 15 min ago). I loved it. Thank you so much for this incredible story.. I be desperatly waiting for the sequel now! I know this will take time, but don’t take to long -pleease-.

  29. Sara said,


    I just have to say congratulations on writing such an intriguing book! I loved it and gave it to a friend who, in turn, gave it to one of her friends! I myself am dabbling in creative writing at my university and I have to say that you are an inspiration and that I fervently hope that the sequel is released soon.

  30. cindy Flanders said,

    Ann, I loved Memory. I was on my way home to Missouri from Kentucky just this last weekend. My husband works on the road, as a structural welder, and is usually far from home. I stopped at Cracker Barrel, and picked up a book, your book on cd to get me through the drive. I tell you, Everything around me was obsolete. The scenery was null and void as I traveled the world with Daniel. Seeing it all so clearly. I too am longing for a sequel. I googled it, to see if it were out yet, but no. But I am so excited to see that it may be made into a movie!
    Yay! I am a new and recent fan, but you had me at Sofia!

    -Cindy Flanders

  31. coline said,

    Hello Ann, I would like to know when the sequel will come out
    Please let us know cause we all can’t wait for it!

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