I’ve always been a big reader.

01/19/2011 at 11:39 pm (Ann Brashares On Writing)

I’ve always loved books, I’ve always loved stories. And I’ve always told myself stories. I used to write some of them down, but I didn’t really have the idea of being a writer. Somehow, I didn’t imagine that it was something I could actually do as a job so I got a job after college as a receptionist at a small company that produced books mostly for children and young adults. And I was madly attracted to that, to the idea of being in that atmosphere where people were working on books. And little by little I was able to take on some editorial responsibilities and got promoted eventually to being an assistant editor and senior editor and finally I think I was editor-in-chief and then I ended up buying the company with a partner.

So I was a small-business owner for a brief time. Basically I was working on a lot of manuscripts, as an editor. I was revising them, working with writers, writing revision letters, writing cover copies, and doing line editing, which is a real art and I just loved it and worked on it for years and years. So I did that for about ten or eleven years and as I did I realized that my strengths were definitely not administrative and not managerial. They were not organizational in any way. The thing that I was good at and the thing that I loved was just being close to the manuscript and I became known as the kind-off expert re-writer. So if a book was in trouble I would be brought in to do major re-writes, like write 200 pages of a book. And that was so much fun because there’s no ego in that – I just wanted to try to get into a voice and do the best job I could. And the closer I was to the most creative part of it, the happier I was. And finally I did this gigantic re-write and I gave it to an editor at Random House, who was publishing the book. She read over my work and said, “If you ever decide to be a writer, please show me your work. I strongly encourage you to be a writer.” I was very fearful about it and was afraid that I couldn’t do it, but finally with her encouragement and encouragement from other places, I decided to kind of take a risk and I wrote my first book.



  1. Belen said,

    Behind every great writer there is a great story.
    Hi, I’m new here, My name is Belen and I’m from Chile. This is my first time in your blog, and it is really inspiring reading everything you write not just your books but here too. I’ve read The sisterhood of the traveling pants 3 times (each book) and every time I do, I love them more.
    I like writing, and just like you, sometimes I write my thoughts down. But after reading your books for the first time, I dared myself to write something bigger. And I’m telling you this because I believe that motivate someone with your art is the best response that an artist can have.
    So, I hope reading the rest of your books, though I’m afraid they will take too long to get here.
    My compliments and best wishes.


    • annbrashares said,

      YES! Write something bigger. Thank you for the complements.

      My warmest and best,

  2. Jordin said,

    Hello Ann!
    This is my first time here so I would like to say congrats on all of your published work! The SisterHood of the Traveling Pants has become my favorite series! I have seen the first two films as well but I was wondering what happened with the last two? I was also wondering if you had any plans to venture back into their world any time soon?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • annbrashares said,

      Thanks Jordin,

      Yes there will be another book. It has been fun to venture into their world again.

      My warmest and best,

  3. violet said,

    Wow! I am SO glad that you did become a writer and write your own books. I love your books and even your writing style! Please never stop! 🙂

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your kind and sweet words. I’m most grateful.

      My warmest and best,

  4. gertrude crisostomo said,

    i’m grateful to that person that encouraged you and glad that you took that risk 😀 i’m in the field of medicine so naturally i’m immersed with the technical scientific stuff (that i love) but sometimes, it is nice to read something that transcends logic and makes you believe that there is a bigger mind out there working, and more beautiful things becoming 😀

    truly your work “my name is memory” touched a part of me that no anatomy book can point where 🙂

    from the girl whose name is always used as a villain’s but nonetheless believes in everlasting love
    Gertrude 😀

  5. Alexis Orozco said,

    I am an obsessive reader as well, mostly fantasy like Harry Potter or Maximum Ride. But, when I started reading about the legendary Sisterhood, it inspired me in so many simple ways and also big ones. I thought that there would never be another fictional book that could compare until I read The Last Summer(of you and me). It was so much more but also had a taste of the other books. I immediately loved it. I stayed up till three in the morning until I finished and experienced a small portion of sadness, like I missed the Sisterhood, even though they were contently resting on my bookshelf. That’s when you know you’re a true author. Not a good one, a true one. How much higher of praise can you expect? The answer is none. None more praise.(:

  6. R.Monty said,

    Hi Ann,
    I come to your blog often in hopes of finding an update to the My Name Is Memory Sequel. Any good news on that yet? Love your books, you have an amazing talent 🙂

  7. tradacmena1986 said,

    Thx a lot

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