Sisterhood Everlasting

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Dear Readers,

When I started writing about the Sisterhood ten years ago, I wanted to create characters with big, open-ended lives—girls who wouldn’t fit into a single novel. At the same time, I wanted to tell a proper story with a beginning, middle, and end. So I planned a four-book sequence to tell that story. And as I got to the end, I realized I was ready for the end of that story, but not remotely ready for the end of the characters. They were only nineteen, after all. They had so much life ahead of them! I didn’t want to miss it. Would their friendship survive adulthood? Who, if anyone, would they marry? What about having babies? What career would Carmen choose? Would “someday” ever come for Lena and Kostos?

I promised myself that after taking a break from them and trying out some other things I would come back and find them later in their lives. So that’s what I’ve done inSisterhood Everlasting. I’ve rediscovered Carmen, Lena, Bridget, and Tibby on the cusp of their thirtieth birthdays. Though it felt right to be away—all of us off doing our different things—it felt wonderful to come back together. I don’t think I would have appreciated the characters as much without the hiatus, and I hope the characters feel the same. I discovered I have certain ways of thinking and writing that are unique to those girls, and I had really missed them while I was away.

If you are familiar with the girls of the Sisterhood, I hope you will enjoy the reunion as much as I have. If you are coming to them for the first time, I hope you will find pleasure in the introduction.

So welcome (back) to the Sisterhood. We’ve missed you.




  1. Jamie said,

    I read the excerpt a few days ago, and for some reason, I cried quite hard when I got to the part about the “someday” with Lena and Kostos. I’ve read the first four books before, but I’ve never felt as attached to the characters as I am now. Perhaps I was too young when I read them the first time, and I didn’t quite understand them as well as I could have. I think I should reread the books.
    Needless to say, the excerpt got me even more excited to read this. I’m glad you decided to bring this Sisterhood back, Ann. Thank you.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I appreciate your sweet words and happy you’ve stayed with the “sisterhood” through the years. Perhaps you’re correct and you’re understanding them differently. The series has grown with us and us with the series.

      I hope you will enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting!

      My warmest and best,

  2. Hannah said,

    I am sososososososooso excited for this book! I am a huge fan of all the sisterhood books and the Last Summer of Me and You. I was ten when I read the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, now I’m 15. Thank you for writing this! I hope you are having a great day!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so happy you are excited about the books and that they’ve been with you for many years. I hope you will also enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting as much!

      My warmest and best,

  3. Emma said,

    Ann Brashares,
    i have to say your books are probably the BEST books ihave ever read!! i didn’t think i would like them at first, so when i got them from the libnrary i thought they would be…ok. but what i found out was that they were really addicting and really good!! I was really upset when i relized there wasn’t any more when i finished the fourth. i am sooooooo glad that you made another one!!! Bridget, Tibby, Carmen, and Lena have become a part of my life. i just wated to say that they are amazing book. You are a great writer and role model!! Even though i am 14, i have to say, thank you for everything.


    P.S. i cant believe the girls are thirty years old!! they have grown up so fast and are turning into great people. Good job! i am also trying to write a book like the Sisterhood. I have some good ideas from the books, and i cant wait to finish it! Bless you and have a great day!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful words. I know, I can’t hardly believe it myself sometimes that the girls are 30. I hope you enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting.
      As for your writing, keep doing it!

      My warmest and best,

  4. Jenna said,

    I’ve just found out about this book and I’m EXTREMELY excited to read it once it’s released in June (I’m in Australia so I’ll be working hard to track down a copy from wherever I can). I devoured the original series during my teenage years and loved it to bits, along with many of my friends. Like the characters, I’m now in my mid 20’s surviving in the ‘real world’ with a professional career, relationship, etc. I’ve enjoyed all of your books to date but I can’t wait to read this one to find out what happened to the characters that I loved, who’ve grown up as I have. I know my same friends will be reading it also. Thanks for writing this and I look forward to hearing what you’re working on next!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      It’s so great you’ve followed the series and it mirrors your life and the lives of your friends. I hope you enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting. We’re all part of the “sisterhood” and that’s a special bond. Continue to share.

      My warmest and best,

  5. Beth said,

    I was beyond excited when I heard you wrote another book to the sisterhood!! I LOVE all your books! I will defiantly be buying this one the day it comes out! Thank you so much for continuing the series!!!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      You are more than welcome! I hope you will enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting as much as the other books.

      My warmest and best,

  6. Elana said,

    So excited for this book! Will this be the “final” sisterhood book? Or is it too soon to be asking that?

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m So happy you’re excited about Sisterhood Everlasting. Yes, it’s too soon to talk about a sequel. As for my press tour, keep checking the blog for updates.
      See you in the pages!

      My warmest and best,

  7. Michelle said,

    I just finished reading Sisterhood Everlasting; It took me four hours to read it. There no words that could describe how much I been waiting for this book and finally I was able to read it. What could I say? … What a journey!!! After all this time it was hard to said goodby to Lena, Carmen, Tibby and Bridget. Thank you for writing such a beautiful and deep emotional novel.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m So glad you enjoyed Sisterhood Everlasting! Yes, it was a journey and so glad so many took it with me. Thank you for sharing and enjoying the books throughout the years.

      My warmest and best,

  8. Colleen said,

    Dear Ann,
    I am thrilled that another Sisterhood book is coming out! I said to one of my friends (who grew up reading and loving the books just as much as I did) that I wished you would publish another book…I am overjoyed that it is one about Lena, Bee, Carmen and Tibby. Thank you for writing some of my all-time favorite books!!


    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so happy and thrilled you’re looking forward to reading Sisterhood Everlasting. I’m glad to know you’ve loved the books over the years and they’ve been with you for so long.

      My warmest and best,

  9. katie said,

    I am completely amazed and excited you have written this new book about their lives. I read the books when they first came out and actually just recently picked them up again at 18. I read all 4 in a matter of 3 or so days. At the end I felt so connected to the characters and was disappointed to know that there was not another book. After I found out this book would be coming out so soon I was so excited! Thank you so much for giving these characters to the world.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so happy you’ve loved the books over the years and you’re looking forward to Sisterhood Everlasting.

      My warmest and best,

  10. reko said,

    It looked forward to the sequel.
    Is there publication in Japan?
    I want to read early.
    Subsequent loved of four people is enjoyment.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m thrilled you’re looking forward to Sisterhood Everlasting. I’m not sure about publication dates in Japan.
      It might be easiest to contact the publisher to find out the dates. I look forward to seeing you in the pages!

      My warmest and best,

  11. Sarah said,

    Dear Ann,
    I am a huge huge HUGE fan of your books. I got all four signed by you once at a book reading . They are beautifully written and I feel that everyone can relate to the girls somehow. I’m gonna keep the set of books for my own daughters when I have them 🙂 I just found out about Sisterhood Everlasting coming out…except the release date is 2 days after I leave the country!!! 😦 I won’t be able to buy or read it until January now. Is there anyway to win an advanced copy or anything? Thanks!

  12. Rhonda said,

    I am absolutely thrilled about this. I actually just pre-ordered my copy of the book. The characters of the Sisterhood have been a major part of my life and love for reading, and I am excited to see what has become of them. Even now at the age of 20, I am excited to revisit a part of my childhood knowing that I spent part of my teen years crying and laughing right along with Bridget, Lena, Carmen, and Tibby. I think this announcement has made my day. Thank you.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      So happy that you are looking forward to reading Sisterhood Everlasting. The girls have been very important to me over the years and I am glad they were able to be with you through it all.
      See you in the pages!

      My warmest and best,

  13. Felicia said,

    I was 12 when the first book came out and read the whole series and LOVED them. I didn’t want it to end and I wanted to know more about what would happen to all of the girls. Now, 10 years laters you have pleased us all and come out with another book showing them all 10 years later. THANK YOU!!!!! I am currently re-reading them all to get prepared for the book and I am so excited to find out how all the girls are doing.

    Thanks again,

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m glad you’re looking forward to Sisterhood Everlasting. Thank you for your kind words I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed them over the years. See you in the pages!

      My warmest and best,

  14. Maggie said,


    I just pre-ordered my Kindle version of Sisterhood Everlasting and am wating with baited breath for it to arrive on the 14th. While others sit around making smores at counselor camp in the Poconos, I will be huddled around the glowing light – not of the fire, but of my computer screen – drinking in every word of Bridget, Lena, Tibby, and Carmen’s latest adventures. As a young woman in my early twenties and a recent college graduate, I find myself looking toward the future with a great deal of uncertainty. However ridiculous it may seem, I feel that reading about the lives of these characters I have come to know, love, and trust will help me find the courage to strike forth on a new path of my own. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of the next stage in their lives.

    Best of luck in all you do,

    • Ann Brashares said,


      It’s not ridiculous at all! Thank you for enjoying the series and the lives of the girls throughout the years.

      My warmest and best,


  15. Roberta said,

    Mrs. Brashares, I like many other have grown up with your books..well not grown up really as I was already grown when I read them but I have read them many times over. I cannot wait to read this book too. Maybe I will bring it to the beach to enjoy it. Have a blessed day!

  16. Kayla Fusselman said,

    I loved reading your books a few years ago. Once I saw this I knew I had to read it, so to refresh my memory I am rereading all 4 books. I love the series!! keep on writing them.

  17. Paula said,

    OMG, I’m really excited… I grew up with these girls, I L-O-V-E the Sisterhood… I thinks this book will bring me lots of tears… Thans a lot for this “reunion”, Ann!!!

    (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your sweet words. It will be a beautiful reunion!

      My warmest and best,

  18. Adina said,


    I’m very excited for this book to come out. I preordered it months ago! I’ve been a fan of the books for many years. I recognized that the end of “Forever in Blue” was the end of that particular saga, yet I was reluctant to leave the characters. I’ve reread the books many times (also Three Willows, which fits in the same universe) and have always been happy to revisit the girls. Whenever I truly love a story, I want more in that world, with those characters. It’s why I prefer novels to movie adaptations–you get more with the former! I read the excerpt today and fell in love with the girls all over again. Can’t wait to see more of what their adult lives are like.

    Also, it’ll be especially poignant because as you wrote them now, they are my age and I will identify with them that much more.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your sweet and touching words. I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed the books over the years.

      My warmest and best,

  19. Elizabeth Epting said,

    I first discovered the Sisterhood when I was in middle school. I have now just finished my sophomore year in college. My bestfriend (whom I have known my entire life) and I read your books every summer. In some ways, I feel as though our connection to your books has helped keep our friendship alive. Each time we read your books, we find new applications to our lives as we grow. I cannot wait to read your new book and find new life lessons. Thank you so much for the Sisterhood and keep the books coming!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your lovely words. I’m grateful they’ve been important you and your friends.

      My warmest and best,

  20. Rachel said,

    I was at a book signing of yours last year and when you said that you were working on this book I was completely ecstatic. I was really hoping you would write more about the Sisterhood. Ever since, I have been waiting with bated breath for more information on the new book and I’m so excited at how close it is!!! I am eighteen and about to start college, so obviously I’m feeling the whole “Oh my God, it’s time to be a grown up” jitters and it’s nice to have some old friends returning to share the change with. I grew up with the Sisterhood (though, obviously I’m younger than they are- thirty! I can’t believe it!), it’s nice to have them back at such an important time in my life while reading about such an important time in theirs. Thanks for giving us another dose of the Sisterhood! I can’t wait to read it!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your sweet words. I’m touched to hear the girls are like friends and that you’ve enjoyed their journeys throughout the years. Congratulations to you as you head off to college!

      My warmest and best,

  21. Titti said,

    Hi Ann!

    First of all I have to say that I love your books. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer myself and you inspire me so much with your novels! I love the way you write and the way you give life to your characters. It’s almost like you’re becoming a part of the books while reading them! And as for the books about the sisterhood, I feel like I’m the fifth girl in the bunch. I’ve missed the girls so much and I can’t wait to meet them again!

    I’ve read the first four books in my teenage years and I remember dreaming about having that sort of friendship that Lena, Tibby, Carmen and Bridget had. I’ve realised now that I had it for a couple of years but somehow I lost it – we sort of grew apart and lost contact as the time passed by. I sometimes wonder what it could’ve been like if we would’ve stayed in touch. Would we still be as close as we were those days?
    Your books about the sisterhood was with me all these years and even now I’m in my midtwenties. I’ve read the books so many times, over and over again. They were always there, like a friend a could turn to, whenever life got complicated.

    So when I read that you were about to write a fitfh book in the series, I started to cry (happy tears, of course!). The books about the sisterhood has meant so much to me throughout the years and knowing I will be able to read about the girls again makes me so happy! I was very happy to see the cover of the book today, it made me realise that a fifth book is not something I’ve dreamed about, it’s for real. I can’t wait to buy it, I’m so eager to hold it in my hands!

    Thank you for everything you’ve given me through your books and thank you for being an great inspiration. I hope you’re doing well and I can’t wait to read this book and hopefully many more of yours!

    Take care.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your sweet and touching words. I am thrilled you feel a connection to the girls. I hope you enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting.

      As for writing, never give up.

      My warmest and best,

  22. Sisterhood Everlasting Book Excerpt « Joe Vito Moubry said,

    […] you who want the book expert; I found about the except from a comment on Ann’s blog post on Sisterhood Everlasting that was left by Jamie on May 13th: I read the excerpt a few days ago, and for some reason, I […]

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I hope you enjoyed Sisterhood Everlasting. Thank you for your lovely words. I so appreciate them.

      My warmest and best,

  23. Joe Vito Moubry said,


    When I found out about this book being released; I became so pumped about it. I cannot wait till Tuesday.


  24. Shaynon said,


    I’m so excited for this book to come out! I’ve hoped, waited and wanted it for years! I too am turning 30 and grew up with the first 4 books. I feel like i’m a little part of each of the girls in a way and to have books that make you feel like your a part of them, isn’t something you find everyday. Thank you so much for writing these books and letting me and all of your fans…believe too that we wore magic pants. While i wait for my ordered book, i’m reliving the first 4 again, thank you again for the amazing gifts you have given us!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed the books over the years and feel as if they’re a part of you. I hope you enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting. I’m thrilled that readers enjoy them and feel so close to the characters as you do.

      My warmest and best,

  25. Melissa said,

    Hi Ann,

    I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for this book! I started reading these books during high school and I have just graduated college and I’m just as excited for this book as I was for all four of the others! I’m so glad you decided to bring the girls back. I cried when I read the fourth book knowing that it would be the last one. I put it off for days once I got to the last chapter just because I didn’t want it to end! I feel as though the girls are a part of my life and I’ve greatly missed them since the last book & can’t wait to catch up with what’s going on in their lives! Thank you in advance for writing this new novel that I already know that I’m going to love as much as I did the others. June 14th is marked on every calendar in my house 🙂


  26. Elizabeth said,

    Yours are some of my favorite characters of all time, in both the Sisterhood books and The Last Summer of You and Me. I love the depth and the character with which you shape these young women. I am a writer as well. I just finished writing a 150 page memoir about my travels in New Zealand. Your books inspire me to keep strong to my passion for writing, especially with the aim to create strong bonds between my characters. Thanks for everything!

  27. Jasmine said,

    Omg I am so excited for this!
    I remember finishing Forever In Blue and wondering if they’d ever find the pants and their futures – especially Carmen who was still single and Lena and Kostos!
    When I heard this was coming out I literally screamed.
    The Sisterhood books were my childhood and teenage years so I really loved them.
    Reading about them at the age of 30 is going to be amazing, thanks for writing this I can’t wait 😀

  28. Morgane Veillet Lavallee said,

    I cannot tell you how excited I am for this new novel. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants has changed me. I recognise so much of myself in these girls, and picking any of the four books always fills me with comfort. They are like old friends.
    I thought you should know that you have accomplished something incredible. As an 18 year old aspiring author, when I lose track of the reasons for why I’m writing, I simply pull out Forever in Blue and return to my script.
    All in all, THANK YOU.
    And also: can’t wait to buy your latest novel.

  29. Stephanie said,


    I can’t tell you just how excited I was when I found out about this book! My best friend and I are in love with the series. Incidentally, I am also on the cusp of turning 30… I love the idea of seeing what Lena, Tibby, Carmen, and Bridget are up to at my age! Thank you for writing such memorable characters, Reading about them is almost like seeing a friend. Keep writing books, and I’ll keep reading them!


  30. Ayca said,

    I am in love with Tibby and I am very excited to see where she ended up. The news of this new novel has made my summer. I have read the whole series more than 8 times and I can’t wait to do the same with this. I have always wondered, do authors know how much they can change the lives of others… I always look to your books for answers, and when I need cheer up, and when I feel like crying (I read Bailey’s death or Bridget losing her virginity). Anyways you are an amazing writer and I can not wait to read ‘Sisterhood Everlasting.”

  31. Cassondra Barnes said,

    I just started reading the “Sisterhood” books after seeing the movie for the first time last month. I have read number one and just finished the second one today. I am about to start in on the fourth and am so excited that it’s not the last one. As a young writer, it’s nice to read other wholesome books about teenager girls. Your books have definitely been an inspiration.
    Thank you so much!

  32. Marisa said,

    This is awesome! In 6th grade, my friends and I turned the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants into a play to perform in front of our Language Arts. Since then(that was 3 years ago), I have always felt a special connection to Lena since I played her. I look forward to reading about her again! I have missed all four of them.

  33. Megan said,

    Dear Ann,

    I just finished Sisterhood Everlasting and I must say it is not what I expected, but I loved it just as much as the previous four. It is amazing having gone through my adolescence with the girls, as I was 12 when I read the first book and now I am 20! So many parts really touched me, but I won’t give anything away in this comment 🙂

    Thank you for returning to the sisterhood and continuing their story,


    p.s. funny, but this year I met a Roberto from Chile who changed my life
    p.p.s. Seeing you speak in Danville many years ago was very inspiring and an experience that I hold dear to my heart. I hope you return to California to speak one day!

  34. Paulina said,

    Hi Ann,

    I am extremly happy that you wrote this book and I am so exited to read it. I recently started to re-read the series and it’s just as great as the first time maybe even better because I feel like I understand the characters better. I love the series, you are such an amazing author and write so well and your descriptions of the characters are so great that it feels like I really know them and I am the fifth sister.

    I am so thrilled about this book, and I am going out to buy it as soon as I get a chance. I was so sad when I had finished the fourth book knowing there wasn’t another one, but I am so happy now knowing their story will continue. I especially want to see if Lena and Kostos finally figured thing out and got their someday, I was really hoping that they would come back together and I am excited to read if they do.

    I really want to say that you are such an inspiration! I myself really want to become an author or journalist even though I am only 13 and you have inspirered me a lot.

    Take care
    Love Paulina

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your sweet words.I’m so glad you have enjoyed the Sisterhood series. Keep following you dreams!

      My warmest and best,

  35. Tara said,

    Love the book! I was so glad that the friends would be back. True (and good) friendship books are hard to find. No one does it better than the Sisterhood.

    Will a movie be made?

  36. Rachael said,

    I only found out 2 days before the release date that a new sisterhood book would be out. I was very exciting and antsy waiting for Tuesday to come around. As soon as I woke up, I ran over Target to buy it. All I can say without giving too much away. Wow. Just wow. Other than Harry Potter, I don’t get too emotionally invested in the characeters I’m reading about. Thank you for writing this book.


  37. Nicole said,

    Inhaled “Sisterhood Everlasting” in less than two days. Stayed up last night til almost 5:30 because I couldn’t put it down. The first “Sisterhood” came out when I was 15 and ever since have felt tied to the lives of the Septembers. “Everlasting” really shows what really happens to friendships once you get past college and things start to get complicated and busy. At nearly 25, many of the experiences of Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget are all too familiar to me. I cannot wait to share this story with those that I have previously shared the adventures of these amazing women you have created.

    Thank you!!

    PS-So excited to see you will be doing a signing in Houston so close to my Bday!!

  38. Melanie said,

    Dear Ann,

    I did not realize how much the girls from the Sisterhood meant to me until I read “Sisterhood Everlasting”. I discovered how emotionally invested I am in each and every one of them. I have read and re-read each Sisterhood book many times over in every possible order. It had even gotten to the point where I knew exactly what parts of their stories were my favorites and I would just skip around the pages until I felt full. Their stories, thoughts, jokes, and personalities had entered my soul and became a part of who I am. Once I find a story that I love, I don’t put it down and I always come back to it. To this day my best friends still tease me for holding on to “The Baby-Sitters Club” and “Anne of Green Gables” for so long. I have a feeling that that will be the case for “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”.
    I have tried to recreate their magic with my own friends and have failed miserably (the traveling purse never made it past the second friend, the letters eventually stopped, girls moved away and never looked back etc.). But the Sisterhood never did fail. The characters never did leave my heart. After buying the fifth book, I went to them immediately and didn’t close the book until I had finished it at 5 in the morning.
    Thank you for the endless hours I must have spent reading about Lena’s broken heart, being jealous of Bridget’s bravery, comparing Carmen to my own lovable sister – and lastly, seeing myself (the things I already am, and the things I would like to be) in Tibby. Maybe it was the sarcasm, the need to be different, the flyaway hair, the sass talk, the small feet.
    I will never say good bye to these girls and I will never forget what they have taught me – to love my friends and to love myself.


  39. Roser said,


    Yesterday I received my copy of ‘Sisterhood everlasting’ from Amazon (I’m from Barcelona) and I’ve finished it today. I’m crying right now. It’s been a lovely journey and I’m going to miss these girls so much. I didn’t want to finish it because I wanted them to be with me a little while longer, but I couldn’t stop reading either.
    Anyway, thank you for writing this last book, I’ve loved it to pieces. I don’t know what else to say, because in the end it wouldn’t make any sense (I would be rambling on about how much I’ve loved it and scenes that I’ve liked and I don’t want to put any spoiler here, so… 😉 ). I hope you keep writing and I will be waiting your next book eagerly

    Thank you very much, really.

  40. Anya said,

    Thank you for writing this fifth book. I read the first book when I was a freshman in high school; it has been about nine years and I’m now a graduate student finishing up my Masters in History and 23 years old yet I felt fourteen again when I heard this book was coming out. I loved the first four!

    I read Sisterhood Everlasting in about a day. When the first big surprise comes in Greece I did not know what to think. The book is beautifully written and felt so true to the characters, but all of a sudden I was at a loss. I felt like this was happening to me and my friendships. I laughed and cried and could not put this book down. I would hate for this to be the last book in the sisterhood. But if it is, I’m happy with the end of the story.

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful addition to the sisterhood series!

  41. Marisa said,

    Thank you so much for writing the Sisterhood books! I have grown up with them and read them over and over. I was so excited when I heard that you were writing Sisterhood Everlasting and I am currently halfway through it. I feel like these girls are part of my life. Thank you again for such wonderful books and for being such an inspiration!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so happy you’re enjoying Sisterhood Everlasting. The girls have been so special to so many and I’m thrilled you’re a part of it.

      My warmest and best,

  42. Megan Homesley said,


    I just discovered Sisterhood Everlasting last week. I read through the first four books in high school and thought it was wonderful that you were writing about them in their adult years because I, too, am now an adult. I got the book on Friday before lunch and finished it Saturday morning…I could not put it down. I laughed, I cried, I dropped my mouth open many times because every time I thought I had it figured out, something else happened. You put together a beautiful story and a beautiful journey of these girls and their friendship. It makes me long for my sisters and want to love better. I did not realize how big of an impact these books had on me until I read this one. You truly created friends out of these characters for me and women all around. Thank you for writing.


  43. Lenka said,

    I can’t wait for reading this book, I am so excited! I have read all four books about the sisterhood many times and I love all of them very much….

  44. Lenka said,

    And yeah, I forgot something. – Thank you so much, Ann! Thank you for those amazing characters you created and for the great books you wrote. So just thanks 🙂

  45. Giovanna said,

    Hi Ann!

    I’m 15 and I am an aspiring author. Writing is my passion, it fills me with all these feelings that make me want to share a great story. You inspire me, you are my role model. I love you!

    Heres the thing though, as I read the SISTERHOOD books, I can’t help but feel sad. I sometimes skip over parts when I go back and reread because it breaks my heart. There’s a hole in my heart where four special friends should be, just like the Sisterhood, and I don’t have that. It hurts that I don’t have such amazing friends like the Sisters do with each other. I have many friends, I have a lot of best friends, but I dont have the special someone to share everything with, to feel the most comfortable with, to be able to do what the sisters do. I know this is a realistic-fiction book, but these characters are so real. I wish I had a Bee, Lena, Karma, and Tib the Rebel in my life.

    Even though I feel this, I also feel a sense of warmth and being carefree when I read your books. They make me want to smile, be a good person, and to love life to the best it can, being someones best friend, when I can’t have one. I don’t mean to pity, I am just telling you how your stories move me in such ways.

    I love you so much Ann! I can’t wait to read Sisterhood Everlasting. I went to the store today and it was 25$ but I decided to order online at because it was 13.57. (or something like that) I can not wait till it gets here! Should be here June 23 or 24th! I get out of school the 23rd, and I can not wait to read this as my first book for summer reading!

    Thank you for giving me the inspiration to write myself, be a better person, and to love life.

    A fan and hopefully a friend that hopes to meet you and praise you in person,

  46. Emma said,

    Dear Ann,

    I finished Sisterhood Everlasting tonight (I think I could have finished it even sooner, but I didn’t want to be done, so I read as slowly as I could!), and all I can say is thank you. I loved the book, just like I have loved every book you have written. I have been a devoted fan since the very first Sisterhood novel, and I also love your other novels. You have such a gift for knowing your characters deeply, and getting your readers so involved in the stories, and also conveying messages about the important things in life, like love, faith, devotion, and friendship.

    Thanks to you, the Septembers have been a part of my life for many years, and I have been so excited to have the chance to read about their lives years later, as I feel I have grown with them. I love each and every girl as if they were my own best friend.

    I sincerely hope you keep writing, as I would love to read more of your stories and get to know more of your wonderful characters 🙂

    Thanks again for giving myself and all your readers many hours and pages of enjoyment,


  47. Katy said,

    I just finished Reading the book! It took me only 6 hours and I only put it down for dinner because I had to. I have never gone through so many emotions in one book. I have read the first four books at least five times each and have been reading them since I was 13. Your a very good writer as I feel as if all four girls are best friends of mine I have known since childhood and have been a source of comfort for me. I was so excited to hear that you wrote this new book and i congratulate you on your success and this book was absolutely amazing.

  48. Melissa said,

    I’ve loved the Sisterhood books and become so attached to Tibby, Carmen, Lena and Bridget!! I’ve just finished reading Sisterhood Everlasting and I just HAVE to know if there’s a chance of it turning into a film?!


    • Jane K said,

      I can totally see this as a movie!!!!!!

      • Ann Brashares said,


        Thanks, wouldn’t that be great.

        My warmest and best,

  49. Emily Perrin said,


    My sister first introduced me to the sisterhood when I was 9 or 10. I absolutely loved them! I was so sad when I realized that the fourth book was the last in the series. And now (at age 12) I read Sisterhood Everlasting and loved it even more than the others. I am sad that this one is over, but am excited to read some of your other books.


    P.S. I still hope you write more! 🙂

  50. Lauren said,

    I read this book in a day. I was so excited to hear about it coming out, and it did not disappoint. I’m one of the “older” readers, this book actually has the girls at my age, I turn 30 in just a few weeks. It was exciting to read where they all are. I’ve always thought of myself as a Lena who wishes she was a Carmen. And in this book, Lena was still at the same kind of place in her life where I am (ok, minus a hot Greek boy to sweep me off my feet). I’m torn on if I want it to continue, I loved this as an ending for the girls, but I also thought that Forever In Blue was a great ending and I ended up very happy to see more. I’m sure I will love whatever comes for this series.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so happy you enjoyed Sisterhood Everlasting. I’m so glad you can relate as an older reader. Happy Birthday! May it be filled with many blessings.

      My warmest and best,

  51. Faith said,

    I love the Sisterhood books. They’ve helped me so much all through school. I’m currently in high school, and I just love all the characters. I always identified with Lena the most, but all of the girls are great. When I finished the fourth book, I was so sad, because they were over, and then I heard about Sisterhood Everlasting. I bought it as soon as it came out. It was so amazing, and I couldn’t put it down. It has now become one of my favorite books ever.
    These books have helped to inspire me as a writer, and I know I will keep rereading them for many years to come. 🙂

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so glad you enjoyed Sisterhood Everlasting. Thank you for the sweet words. I love to hear that the books inspire others and I wish you well on your journey. Follow your dream to write!

      My warmest and best,

  52. Anna said,

    I just finished reading sisterhood everlasting. it moved me beyond words. my four closest freinds and i have been trying to follow in the sisterhood’s footsteps for the past year. it has been a wonderful experience. you cannot believe the wonderfully close freindship we have built from these books. thank you for everything.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so glad you enjoyed Sisterhood Everlasting. It thrills me you have such close friends that mirrors the closeness of the girls, may you have that for a long time.

      My warmest and best,

  53. Cecilia said,

    Hi Ann,

    I came across your blog a few weeks ago and was so excited to hear about the release of “Sisterhood Everlasting.” I just finished reading the book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed laughing and crying as I flipped through the pages. The series reminds me of a close group of girlfriends I had growing up and although I’m not in touch with most of them anymore, I do think about them time to time. Thanks for much for reminding me of how beautiful friendships are, and if people are willing, they can last over time and space.


    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so glad you enjoyed Sisterhood Everlasting. Yes, those friendships are special and beautiful and can last over space and time. Perhaps you and your “sisters” will reconnect if and when the time is right.

      My warmest and best,

  54. Lauren said,

    I was so excited to see the 5th book come out and I preordered the day i heard the news. I read it in under a day. It was so beautiful and I did a fare share of crying thru it…Now I wish I didn’t read it so fast as I am dying to know what happens next. As I am almost 30 I could so understand so many of their feelings. Please tell me you might write another? Thank you for creating such amazing characters.
    ~ L

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your lovely words. I’m so happy you enjoyed it! How joyful that you are able to relate to the girls.

      My warmest and best,

  55. Kelly Baron said,


    I discovered these books when I was in seventh grade, and immediately threw them at my three best friends. We have just graduated highschool together and are still best friends, and we still call each other Carma, Tibby, Lenny, and Bee. I was surfing the internet the other day and saw that this book had recently come out, and I literally screamed. I called my friends immediately and we are all so excited to read this. Your Sisterhood sparked my Sisterhood, and I will always be forever grateful.

    All my love,

    • Ann Brashares said,


      It’s so great to hear your sisterhood has grown over the years. I hope you enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting!

      My best,

  56. LaTwana said,

    Dear Ann,
    I’ve been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember, I believe me and my 3 best friends first started reading your books when we were 13. Tibby, Carmen, Bridget and Lena have become so important to us .. we looked to them all in times of sadness and times of joy. I just finished Sisterhood Everlasting and I can honestly say I cried probably the whold time I was reading. It wasn’t the story I was expecting but I believe in a way it was the story I needed. I’m so sad that this is the end but I’m extremely happy at the way you ended the story. I will forever be a fan.


    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your lovely words. I’m so glad to hear your sisterhood has grown together over the years.

      My warmest and best,

  57. Tori said,

    When I found you had brought the sisterhood back, I was estastic!!! I started reading them after I watch the first movie. I knew I had to know more about their lives!! The first four books was awesome but I must say…this book, Sisterhood Everlasting is probably my favorite. I read the except on your website and knew I had to get the book. I stayed up till 2:00am finishing it. I cried and laughed and felt so happiness for all the characters. I guess I have loved this book so much because I relate it more now. I had a close nit group of friends and we did everything together but we have all moved on to different plans for our lives. The book made me think of how our lives will be when we all get close to the thirty year mark. I just wanted to tell you what an awesome story you have continued for many years!!!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m glad enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting and you’ve grown with the sisterhood over the years.

      My warmest and best,

  58. Courtney said,

    I just finished the book, and I loved it so much! I wanted to talk to someone else about it so much, but I couldn’t ruin it. Thank you for the inspiration in your writing and showing us the power of human emotions.


  59. Samantha said,


    First I want to thank you so much for revisiting the sisterhood with this final installment of the series. I was worried you would never do so, and was so excited when you announced the fifth book. Secondly, I am 23 years old and grew up with these books. I’ve read and reread the series at least 10 times and have become probably too-attached to these fictional characters. Lastly, I want to say you did a beautiful job writing the final book, but I must admit I am a little mad at you. I was disappointed in the way you chose to end the series. I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone who hasn’t read it, but I have to say I am still a little devastated. Partially I blame myself for becoming too emotionally attached to ficitional characters, but part of me blames you because you did such an amazing job creating them and making these girls come to life for me. Thank you for writing such an amazing series. It’s probably not the way I would have done it, but I loved each book nonetheless. I appreciate and admire your work. You helped define my transition into adulthood and that is pretty major, so thanks for that. Best of luck on your future endeavors.


    • Ann Brashares said,


      Through the good and bad, thank you for being a part of the sisterhood. Thank you for your kind words.

      My warmest and best,

  60. Jill said,

    I have not read any of the other books but saw you on t.v. in Atlanta. Do I need to read all of the others prior to reading “Sisterhood Everlasting”?


    • Ann Brashares said,


      You are entitled to take which ever path you choose. If you choose to skip ahead to Sisterhood Everlasting and decide you like it than you can always go back to the start of the Sisterhood series. Sometimes its easier to understand the present if we know a bit about the past.

      My warmest and best,

  61. My Book of Stories said,

    I loved the girls when they were young. I cannot wait to read this book. I am a new follower and I write book reviews.

  62. Kim Claus said,


    I hadn’t heard of anything new that you had written, and then I walked into my Farmingdale, New York, Borders and there was your book. I have all of your books and crave for more of your writing each time I finish one them. I was 17 when the first Sisterhood book was released, and I’m so excited to see a new Sisterhood book, as I feel like I grew up with Tibby, Carmen, Lena, and Bridget. Thank you so much for writing this conclusion to the 4 girls lives. I read The Last Summer of You & Me in one sitting outside in my backyard and had a great cry. My only question is will you be writing anymore adult novels?

    Best of luck in all you do!


    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your kind words. I’m touched you’ve followed the lives of the girls all these years.

      My warmest and best,

  63. Anne said,

    First off i love your name!:) I have read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series 3 times (all four books)! The books truely expire me! i have fallen in love with the 4 girls! I also just finished The Last Summer (of you and me) what a great book!:) I havn’t got the chance to read Sisterhood Everlasting yet but i really, really want to (i have it on hold)! I love your writing! Thank you so much for writing my all time favorite books!


    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your lovely words. I’m glad to hear you’ve stayed in touch with the sisterhood and I hope you enjoy Sisterhood Everlasting.

      My warmest and best,

  64. Caty said,

    At my eighteenth birthday party sleepover last night, one of my best friends gave me my birthday present – Sisterhood Everlasting. I was thrilled, especially because I had no idea that you had written a fifth novel in the series, and have been a fan of Lena, Bridget, Carmen and Tibby since middle school years. As soon as my guests had left the house this morning, I grabbed the book and started reading. It’s now 11:37 PM my time, and I have finished. All i can say is, Thank you. Thank you so much. The timing could not be more perfect for the final novel in a series that has been such a symbol of happiness in my life to come out. In six weeks my friends and I are leaving for college, and while I’m going to the state school that is 10 blocks from my house in Colorado, my two best friends are going to a college in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. I have been feeling so lost for months now, fretting about how our lives will change – naturally both of my best friends are beautiful, intelligent, and fiercely loyal girls with who it constantly seems I’m paling in comparison to – and as I shed some tears reading the final pages of Sisterhood Everlasting, I found solace in it that I never could have imagined. Cheesy as it seems, it brings me hope.
    Thank you.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m touched by your words and your hope. I wish you and your very own sisterhood the best of luck in the exciting times that lie ahead.

      My warmest and best,

  65. Janis said,


    Thank you for your stories. Sisterhood Everlasting was beautifully written. Another commenter above mentioned she felt like it was happening to her; I felt the same way. The emotions I’ve gone through from start to finish have me spent! I hope once the book has been on the shelves for quite a while we will hear from you why you chose to tell this particular story. I really loved how you conveyed everyone’s thoughts and feelings — I truly felt it was happening to people I knew.

    Thank you,


    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your sweet words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the read.

      My warmest and best,

  66. Taylor said,

    Dear Ann,

    I just finished Sisterhood Everlasting and it was amazing! I never realized how much a story and it’s characters can mean to you…I spent the last few weeks re-reading the first 4 books the and then reading this new one in less then a day…it was truly heartbreaking for me having grew up with the girls, but it also shows you the meaning of your true friendships. This is one of the best books i have ever had. I would love to see a final book in 15 years, showing the girls daughters and them learning of the “sisterhood” and the stories that shaped their mom’s lives. Keep up the great work, i can’t wait to read any new books!!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you so much for your lovely words. I’m touched that the stories of the sisterhood have been with you all these years.

      My warmest and best,

  67. Alessandra said,

    I Thank You so much for the return of the Sisterhood.
    I’m so happy that I cant’ describe it.
    I’ve re found my old friends. I don’t wanna leave them ever again.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed Sisterhood Everlasting and that you have reconnected with your very own sisterhood.

      My warmest and best,

  68. CatherineH said,

    Dear Ann

    I just spent the last eight hours straight reading this book. Sisterhood Everlasting could not be a more perfect conclusion to the series. Thank you, thank you Ann, for creating such beautiful characters and bringing them to life with your writing. I already plan on naming my future daughters Lena and Bridget 🙂


    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your kind words. I’m grateful to know the sisterhood will live on.

      My warmest and best,

  69. Luna, Dear, Don't fret said,

    I wonder if Lena And Kostos get back together. you should write a sequel to them called “Someday”. Ha Ha Ha. That Would B a Good One!

  70. s said,

    Dear Ann,

    I Loved Your Books. I was interduced To da series when I was eight. I’m eight right now, actually. I read um in like 2 weeks, they were so good. Ok, Bye

  71. Blair Webb said,

    The Sisterhood Books are absolutely my favorite books! You are the most amazing writer! When I read My Name Is Memory I thought it was my favorite and then I just finished Sisterhood Everlasting, which was probably your most amazing one yet. I just am desperately wanting to know if there happens to be another one in the making? I want to know what happens when Bridget has the baby. I feel like I have grown up with these girls. Keep up the good work!

  72. Jane K said,

    Oh my gosh! I could not contain my excitement about see Sisterhood Everlasting in the stores! I didn’t even know it was coming out! What an amazing surprise for me! I could not put it down for the last couple of days. I was glued to it! Thank you for their reunion! I feel complete & can vividly picture their final reunion in PA! Can’t wait to see is Carmen ends up with Roberto…I NEED to know this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so glad the book found you and you were able to reunite with the girls!

      My warmest and best,

  73. Norma Jean said,

    Dear Ann

    I was first introduced to the sisterhood when I was a senior in high school which was almost 6 years ago. I was inspired by the characters of Lena, Carmen, Tibby,and Bridget. They became like a family I read about. I felt their pain and their love. I just finished reading your last installment of the series and I cried from the beginning to the end!!!! It is my favorite book and I felt like I grew up with these characters! Thank you so much for a wonderful ending to a beautiful story about friendship and love!!

    Norma Jean

  74. Bee said,

    Dear Ann!
    Like so many others, I have grown up with the sisterhood, and I’m so happy that you wrote ‘Sisterhood Everlasting’. I wish these girls were real and that I knew them.. Spent the last few days reading the book and I think I may have to reread it almost immediately! I’m eager for more, to know more about the ten years between the 4th and 5th books and the future for them, as well! I’m particularly curious about Carmen- I don’t want to ruin anything for others who might glance at this comment who haven’t finished the final book- but it just seems like there needs to be something more for her… just my opinion, anyway!
    I know that there can be too much of a good thing, however, and I’m so happy with the paths that you have given these girls! Well done for all your hard work 🙂

  75. Sofia said,

    Ann, when I read the sisterhood, I would read it at my usual time; night. Sometimes I was so jumpy, so excited about what would happen next, I would read all night, waking up groggily. I read all four of them like that, until they slowly ended. I was so sad! I didn’t ever wrap up my love for the books. And after sisterhood everlasting came out, I knew I absolutely HAD to read it.

    Thanks for writing them, S

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you so much for your sweet words and for eagerly following the sisterhood over the years.

      My warmest and best,

  76. Kit said,

    It was beautiful. Lena, Carmen, Tibby and Bee are very real, beautiful people to me, and their friendship is so palpable and strong. It makes me think of my friends and our friendship, and the Septermbers–I feel like I know them so well. Thank you for introducing them to us, and thank you for the beautiful ending to their story.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so appreciative of your words. Know that their stories live through you and your very own “sisterhood”.

      My warmest and best,

  77. Megan said,

    These books are amazing. Somehow i have ended up with all your books on my bookshelf and love every single one. I was absolutely estatic upon hearing you were doing a 5th book and i am sure, that if you wished to continue the story, we will continue reading it.
    i am looking forward to more from the i am memory book series too.

    Congratulations on your gift and thank you for sharing it with us all.
    I think you are such a beautiful writer and have some amazing lessons in your book.

    I have to say i love the way the book ended but have the guilty feeling of still wanting more and not being quite done with it yet.
    I hope you feel the same =)

    • Ann Brashares said,


      Thank you for your lovely words. I’m touched their stories and the lessons within them have reached you.

      My warmest and best,

  78. Husky said,


    I love the sisterhood. I cried when it (almost!) ended. I missed tibby, lena, carmen and bee and they’re mischeif. When I heard there was ANOTHER book, I was so happy! I had to get it. I’m reading it right now, and so far, it’s drastic and brilliant 🙂

  79. cubbie said,

    i just posted a long post on my blog about the range of emotions i had reading this book, the second carrie diaries book, and sweet valley confidential… i have to admit that i spent a lot of time being really angry about this particular book, because i wanted everything to be fluffy. i was angry because you did such a good job at tracing all of the feelings of grief that each of the characters was going through. but in the end, even though it wasn’t a fluff-fest, it was the better book of the three. the other two were fun, but yours was more strongly crafted and i got more out of it in the end. but man, was i mad!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m glad you’ve made peace with the difference in this book, it’s important to experience the wide range of emotions life has to offer.

      My warmest and best,

  80. Evangeline Abela said,

    I feel like I know you, like we’re close. Presumptuous (more like delusional) I know, but it’s because I’ve lived in your worlds time and time again – in the summers of the Sisterhood, then at Fire Island and all the lives of Daniel & Lucy. So yeah, for me, we’re really close. Just like how I held the Sisterhood close to my heart all these years, all the four summers and the everlasting end. My love for books and for fiction makes me attached to characters I read about and grow to love, but I don’t think I was never more attached than to your four girls: Lena, Tibby, Carmen & Bee. I read the first book when I was 16 (almost the same age as the girls), waited through months for the next book to be released, much like The Pants wait for the summer to come out, and rejoiced and cried with the girls in everything they’ve been through. I cannot say thank you enough for allowing me this experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    *There’s a second part of this letter that I sent to your email (because it contains spoilers). I really hope you’ll get to read it. Again, thank you!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      To be connected through literature is powerful so thank YOU!

      My warmest and best,

  81. Melissa Bush said,

    I was in the grocery store a few days ago and happened to see the title Sisterhood Everlasting as I walked by the books. It caught my attention and when I saw that it was by you I realized what I was looking at. I was beyond thrilled. I left the store and called my mom and asked her if she knew. She said she had seen it recently. I was so upset she hadn’t told me. I had heard nothing about it!! I went the next day and bought it and spent the day yesterday reading it all…. aside from feeding kids, etc. it was all I did. It was like a vacation day for me.

    I was so sad when I finished the first four… I wanted the story to go on. But, you are right, it would not have been the same without the hiatus. I recently turned 31, so it was very nice to have them so close to my age. I have to admit I almost put it down at one part I was so quickly upset by the page I was reading. I thought, “I do not want to finish this story now.” However, after a deep breath and consideration, I actually told my mom, “I have faith in Ann… I will love it by the end.” And you did! I cried so many times in this story. It broke my heart and at the same time made me joyful. I loved the journey you took these characters on.

    You are at the top of my favorite authors. You and Jodi Picoult can always bring on the waterworks! 🙂

    Well done and thank you!

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so glad you found the girls again. Thank you for your sweet words and dedication over the years.

      My warmest and best,

  82. Kamilla said,

    Thank you so much for writing these books, especially this last one. I was so excited when I saw it on the book store shelf! I read this series as they came out, so I sort of grew up feeling like I knew these girls. The ending was so beautiful, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end the story. Thank you again.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      How great that you grew up along side the sisterhood!

      My warmest and best,

  83. sofia said,

    Ann! How did you contact random house? I’m looking in to publishing my book, but I need to contact a publisher first. Anyway, what publishing company do you reccomend I talk to?

  84. Amanda said,

    Are you planning to write a sequel to Sisterhood Everlasting?

  85. Marie said,

    Hi Ann,

    I’m an older reader, looking for a light-hearted summer read – not quite what I’d expected! (I had enjoyed the movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”.)

    Just wondering how well you researched your “tragic disease”. Huntingtons does not fit your storyline. Since the gene is dominant, one of Tibby’s parents would also have to have Huntingtons (and her siblings would be at risk). People can live 15 – 20 years after diagnosis, and death usually occurs from an associated condition, such as pneumonia or choking.

    I am not an expert, but I do belong to a Huntingtons’ family. If this novel is ever made into a movie, you might want to change your disease.


    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so grateful you have connected with the books and that you have learned more about yourself in reading them.

      My warmest and best,

  86. grumpy said,

    Nearly every summer since I discovered the Sisterhood books, I reread them. I was so thrilled to find there was another book and I sped through it in a couple of hours. It was beautiful and devastating. It is weird though to have the girls only a little bit younger than me now – but again, it’s logical….I might be 33 but I am really just 7 with lots more experience 🙂

    I just read ‘The Last Summer (of You and Me)’ which was great. I read it and thought ‘meh’ and but then the characters haunted me and I had to read it again, which I was so glad I did.

    Two days ago I read ‘My Name is Memory’ which freaked me out at first – the blurb reminded me of the ‘Fallen’ series by Lauren Kate, with the main characters even having the same names! But once I got past that, I enjoyed it very much…will there be another book?

    Anyway – just wanted to stop by and let you know I adore your books and writing – your ability to let me live the lives of the characters is fantastic.

  87. Penny said,

    I hadn’t even realized there was going to be a 5th book until it was already out. I hate to admit it, but I’m not fully sure how I feel about the book. Part of me loves that it was as unexpected as real life, and part of me didn’t want to let go of a single character. Having read it twice in the last 3 days, it’s growing on me…despite MY indecision over the story arc, thank YOU for writing a book that made me think and review~ instead of one you just read and move on. As an adult and mom of 3, one the same age as the girls in the 4th book, I think “Sisterhood Everlasting” affected me more than any of the others.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so glad that this read provoked thought, thank you for giving in a second read and a second chance.

      My warmest and best,

  88. Haley said,

    Dear Ann,
    I have literally grown up with the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. My mom had read the books and took me to see the first movie in 2005. I was 6 at the time and I loved the movie. When Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 came out we tried to see it but didn’t. Now that I’ve read the books and seen both movies, I’m excited to read this book. I’ve already bought it but haven’t started yet. I’ve learned a lot from the books and I relate to them all. Mostly Carmen because of parents being divorced.

    • Miss Pegge said,


      Here’s a little advice from a much older reader. Read this new book with a different set of eyes. The book “Sisterhood Everlasting” is about the 4 friends as adults just getting ready to turn 30. Even thought I’m 57 I had a hard time with the some of the hard hitting adult issues this book touches on. I had been lulled into the tone of the previous four books, which were much more up beat with that feel good vibe. Growing up is hard and Ann Brashares addresses these strong and often difficult issues with compassion and honesty. There’s much to be learned from this book about friendship the difficulties everyone has to face at one time or another while growing-up. I hope you enjoy the book, I just wanted you to know this book is a bit darker and hard hitting than the previous four.

  89. Jade said,

    I absolutely love The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series! My favorite character is Bridget, a.k.a Bee. It’s such a great series about best friends who love each other! You are one of my favorite writers in the world! When is The Sisterhood Everlasting coming out? Can’t wait to read it!

  90. Meghan said,

    Dear Ann,
    I don’t expect you to reply, but I hope you read this. In 2005 when I was 8 I read The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants for the very first time. I fell in love. Your books started my love of reading. Before that I had never knew you could get so sucked into a book. I am an only child and I’m home schooled so I didn’t have many friends at the time. In 2008 One night I was camping out with my dad in the backyard and I couldn’t sleep so I looked at the stars instead. I saw a shooting star (or at least I thought I did) and I wished that I would find my own sisterhood. Believe it or not, two weeks later I met my best friend Hannah and my other best friend Rain. They are the best friends I could ever have. We went to the movies together to see Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 and then we ended up having our first sleepover after. We call ourselves Teen Jeans because when we met we were still trying to learn how to be “Teenagers”. We act like kids sometimes and even now we are still trying to fit into those jeans. I ended up seeing that movie 3 times that summer. In December 2009 my dad was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and while my mom was at the hospital every day for 2 weeks. I read your books and they took my mind off everything and helped me feel less lonely. I’ve read The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 6 times, The Second Summer of The Sisterhood 5 times, Girls in Pants 4 times, and Forever In Blue 5 times. I just wanted to say, Thank You. Thank you for the books that have helped me, comforted me, and gave me my solid love of books. ❤ Thank You.

    • Ann Brashares said,


      I’m so happy to hear you found your very own sisterhood!

      My warmest and best,

  91. Miss Pegge said,

    First off let me say how much I loved the Sisterhood series. I started with the movies and then moved on to the books. I’m probly a bit older than your average reader as I just turned 57. However, being one of those truly blessed and lucky individuals to have a best friend for 52 years, I really related to your characters. Especially looking back at our teenage years, even then we realized how special and rare a friendship like ours was. 52 years later our lives and memories are so intermingled when reminiscing we sometimes get confused on whether we were together during a specific event or not. After all these years it’s rare for us to go longer than a week without speaking on the phone. We even made sure our husbands were good friends and throughout the years have spent many of our vacations together as an extended family. Your books spoke directly to my heart and the years growing up with my best friend, my sister, my soul mate. I know it sounds a bit strange to say we see each other as soul mates, but we have always fit together like two halves of the same whole. It was that way from the start; it was like two old souls meeting up again, we recognized and loved each other immediately. I cannot imagine a world without, Kathy, my best friend in it to share it with me and I know she feels the same way too.

    We were of course roommate for years before we met our future husbands and both got married. Even though we’ve lived in different state now and have for many years the ties are just as strong. Which brings me to your most recent book, The Last Summer, I was really excited to get the opportunity to meet up with the four girls again and see how their lives had evolved. What, I wasn’t prepared for, my bad, was the devastation they were going to face. Yes, naive of me I know, I’m a sap for a happy ending. I also know I look for them in books and movies, as life’s realities often fall short of happy endings. I had a very hard time getting through this book, but did persevere and I’m glad I did. I took the loss of Tibby hard; I guess it hit to close to home as getting older the reality of loss becomes much more real. I’ve lost both of my parents, my husband’s health is failing and the thought of losing my main stay, my best friend is a little more reality than I’d like to face at this time. However, all that aside the book really was lovely, unexpected, real and very touching. I admit, at first, I felt a little betrayed by you and the story line most defiantly shook me up, but I did recover and at the end I truly did love the book. Thank you…..

  92. gingahlassie said,

    I just read Sisterhood Everlasting and it made me want to cry. It was so well-written, and captured their characters so well. I loved how it took Bailey for Bee to realize that she could become a mother herself. I loved how the train ride showed Carmen how much she was missing. and I loved how Lena was pushed out of her comfort zone.

    Thank you so much for writing another book. the first four books were great, but they ended without really finishing the story. Thank you.

    • Ann Brashares said,

      Thank you so much for joining the girls for one last time.

      My warmest and best,

  93. Jenni said,

    Anne, I read this book this summer. I absolutely loved it and cried like a baby several times. The first being in Santorini, then again for each of the girls. What I found funny this time around, was the fact that I could relate my circle of friends to the sisters. Myself being Bee (somewhat flighty at times, but full of heart..I even have an Eric{husband of 5 years hahah}). And each of my close friends fits into a Lena…Carmen and Tibby, even though we don’t see her. I was incredibly sad to see this come to an end, but happy at how it ended! I will miss seeing the sisters but, I have my own so i guess it’s all good in the end.

  94. Karly said,

    I just finished Sisterhood Everlasting. As a huge fan of all of your books, i want to say thank you for all that you have written.

    As i was reading I kept telling myself that the story had to get happier. It seemed impossible to me that a book could be so full of emotion. I can not recall a single chapter that didn’t bring me to tears; happy or sad. I am thrilled to have finished the book. However, i do not think i am ready to say goodbye to the sisterhood.

    Thank you so much for the books that defined my childhood. “Still the Pants promised us there was time. Nothing would be lost. There was all year if we needed it. We had all the way until next summer, when we would take out the Traveling Pants and, together or apart; begin again.”

  95. christina said,

    Dear Ann,

    Hello from Malaysia! I’m so glad to know there’s a new book of the sisterhood series coming out 😀

    I started book one when I was 13, and now I’m a 18-year-old high school senior. I feel as though I grew up with Lena, Tibby, Carmen and Bridget. Love them all so much.


  96. Annie said,

    Hi Ann,

    First of all, I just want to tell you how much I love the Sisterhood of the travelling pants series. It’s always a pleasure to read them, over and over again. I’m a reader from Quebec(Canada) and I was wondering if you know when Sisterhood Everlasting is going to be published in french.

    Thank you and have à nice day 🙂

  97. Fabiana said,

    Dear Ann,
    i just finished to read “Sisterhood Everlasting” and i cried. I cried because i’m grown up with these books and close the very last one was really sad. Now, i’m going to read the other books you wrote, because i think you’re a great writer. Hope you’ll come to Italy one day to promote your AMAZING books.

    Kisses from Italy, Fabiana.

  98. Sara said,

    This book really got to me. You are an amazing writer. I hope that this book becomes a movie with the same cast. All the best to an amazing inspiration because that is what you are for me. I am trying hard to write a book but it is hard but I keep going because I want to achieve greatness

  99. Aleta Nelson said,

    Thank you so much,In the fourth grade my friend Hannah told me about the sisterhood series and even though I was only nine I sat in my room and read for hours thank you

    P.s. So looking forward to reading sisterhood ever lasting

  100. Sara said,

    I just finished reading this book fully on Saturday. WOW! I never knew a book could get to me this much. I truly enjoyed it and enjoyed the tears from it. Thanks for another book that was well worth reading.

  101. Kathryn Dawson said,

    I just bought this book yesterday morning – and I finished it fifteen minutes ago. I grew up reading The Sisterhood books and they touched me emotionally in so many different ways. I forgot about them though, but when thinking of something to read last week I decided that I’d seek out what else you had written. I was delighted to find this book – I never knew it had been written. At first I was angry that you’d killed Tibby – really angry. I felt like it wouldn’t be the same reading through the book without the four of the girls present. I stopped reading it for a bit. After a while though, I couldn’t resist finding out what happens. You kept Tibby alive to the final page, I realise that now – thank you for writing so beautifully. 🙂

  102. Anne said,

    Like so many others, the Sisterhood books are counted as favourites of mine,I cried and laughed through them all. Having been a similar age to the girls when I first read them, I connected with them all in different ways (Lena the most, her personality is me to a T, just wish I could draw and had a Greek god of my own). Everlasting was no different. I cried until my tshirt was wet, my nose was running and I was gulping for air. It was ridiculous. I had to put the book down so I could calm down, my housemate thought Something was seriously wrong. But the characters are so real, their issues so close to home, that it couldn’t be helped.
    In one way I would love for their story to continue but with how things are now I don’t know if it would work…. but I suppose thats for you to decide!
    I would love to see this book as a movie too-the girls are nearly the right ages… is it going to happen?

  103. Rachel Aimee Mendoza said,

    Hi Miss Ann,
    I really loved the book
    especially the fulfillment of Someday for Lena and Kostos
    I hope you could do a spin-off novel for them. like a family or something, Him being in London and her in RI.
    I would love to read about that
    Also, A movie with the same characters please, Sisterhood Everlasting would be an awesome motion picture. 🙂
    God Bless You

  104. savannacaro said,

    Dear Ann,
    On Christmas when I was nine years old, my Grandma Carol came to stay with us for a little while. And for Christmas she she gave me the first two sisterhood books. I didn’t really read them till about a year later. As soon as a finished the first paragraph of the first book, I was hooked! I searched for the other two books for awhile and finally I found them! Separately of course. I found one at a used book store and another a the flea market. I practically absorbed the story. I loved the movies, but not nearly as much as the books. The movies just didn’t have those little details that made the book so special. I had no idea there was a 5th book until I looked you up on facebook! Do you have any idea where I could find Sisterhood Everlasting? Anyway I just wanted to say thank you.

  105. Alyssa said,

    Hi Ann,

    I just discovered your blog and read through all your entries just now. I came across Sisterhood Everlasting at the book store last month and had to buy it! I’ve read all the Sisterhood books, waited for them to come out in soft cover and bought them all. I love every book you have written, have gotten people hooked on your books as well and cannot wait to know even more about what has happened in the lives of Carmen, Tibby, Lena & Bee! Thank you for writing a “10 years later” book about the beloved characters from my high school days. Keep writing!


  106. Sherry Stephens said,

    I just discovered Sisterhood Everlasting this weekend. I am so excited that a new chapter in their lives have been handed to us! Thank you Ann for taking us back to the sisterhood!!!

  107. Erin said,

    Will there be another book after “Sisterhood Everlasting”? I loved all the books so i would be thrilled if there was another book i could look forward to. (my favorite character in sisterhood everlasting was Bailey!)

  108. Avery Moore said,

    Ann Brashares,
    I just have have to say you are an amazing and inspiring writer! I’ve kept up with the Sisterhood books and just last week I found out there was another one( I’m a high school senior so its hard to find time to read. I know I’m a little behind(:) but I read that book in one day. It was a beautifully written book. Each character had their own perfectly written story. Lena’s was by far my favorite, especially since I love Kostos! I have literally recommended this book to everyone! I laughed and I cried throughout the whole book. I cried the most at the end because i knew it was over but it was a bittersweet ending. I basically wanted to express my feelings about this wonderful book. I really would love if they turned this into a movie. Keep on writing and thank you so much for writing this!

    Avery Moore

  109. Hanna said,

    I love this series. It is the best. My favorites have to be the Sisterhood of the traveling pants and Sisterhood everlasting. I started out with the movies. Then years later I watched it again. I kept watching them over and over…. Then finally I was like I think I will read the books. Now I am on the last one and almost done with it. I wish there were more. I am even doing a book report on the first one. I hope you can write more books to add on to the sisterhood series and that someone will make a movie of your recent book.

  110. Lauren said,

    I just finished Sisterhood Everlasting, and I cannot even begin to tell you how much it has touched me. I finished the Sisterhood series during my senior year in high school, and reading this book now–after graduating college and getting married–feels like a reunion with my closest group of friends. I had forgotten how much of my heart is shared with Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget. PLEASE write more someday. Their lives, like ours, are so far from over.
    All my love,

  111. Jennifer said,


    I would really like to say thank for for the Sisterhood series. Having read the first four books of the series while in high school I felt connected to each of the characters, especially since in the best of ways, they each mirrored the personalities of my best friends and myself.
    Returning back to the series now had opened me up and allowed me to realize how much I’ve missed my best friends as we’ve grown apart over the last several years. I thank you for writing a book that was a catalyst for getting back in touch with them.
    As someone who has always identified with the shyness and love of art that Lena has, I really appreciate the care you took in her characters journey. I feel like much of my life has been similar to hers and I hope that someday soon I will be given a happy ending as she was. I just haven’t found my Kostos yet…

    Thank you so much,


  112. Heather said,

    I have read the books before when I was in high school and loved them then and I still love them. As I am rereading them I am finding I can not put them down like I am up until midnight reading them because they are so good. I am know on the fourth book again and still loving it. I saw the last book out and had to buy it and I can not wait to get to reading it.

  113. Sarah said,

    I am so happy that you decided to release a new book about the girls. I grew up with them as a young adult and could relate to every moment. I cannot wait to now read what they have all been up to in their “grown up” lives. I hope that now, in my mid-20’s, I will be able to relate to them as much in this new chapter of my life as I did before. I have no doubts 🙂

  114. Liz said,

    I think this is my favorite book of the series. I read it once last year and cried my eyes out. I wanted to reread in December, but decided to stop reading after the death of my best friend. I picked it back up today and started in the middle where I last left off. Ive only read three chapters and I already can relate to their sadness and situations. I think this book has healing powers. Thank you for writing this story.I hope they make this book into a movie and I hope you continue their stories.

  115. Abi L. said,

    Ann I love your books! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are by far my favorite! Your writing is fantastic and when I was reading them I could understand the characters and their point of views comfortably. I also want to say that Sisterhood Everlasting brought me to tears, it was well done with exceptional writing. I would love to have all 5 boks and with Sisterhood Everlasting having come out just last year is there any store or website where you can by a boxed set of them or something close to that?

  116. Julia said,

    I enjoyed th series so much. I literally cried when the big change came in the last book. I was wondering if there will ever be a Sisterhood Everlasting movie.

  117. Aria said,

    Hi Ann. I just want to tell you how much i love all of the Sisterhood books. I’ve grown up with the girls (we are the same age) and on the first day of Summer, i always start the series. This year is no different. I know that Sisterhood Everlasting is the last book, but i always loved to think that there was one more and maybe…Effie never lost the pants. Years later when all the girls have daughters, she gives them back to Lena and their kids (and Bailey) discover the summers of their moms and the whole story comes full circle. Just a wish lol. Keep up the great work, i love all your other books as well. I can’ wait to share them with my daughter!

  118. Rebecca L. said,

    I was BEYOND ecstatic yesterday to stumble on Sisterhood Everlasting while roaming through Target! I am a HUGE fan of the Sisterhood books (& movie) and had no idea there was another book. I was a little old for the Sisterhood books when they came out, but I loved them & read them over & over again anyway; I am now 33 and so I can relate & connect to this book & the adult characters even better, and I am absolutely devouring every word! I am SO glad you chose to revisit these characters as adults, and I really hope there will be a movie adaptation soon! Thank you for representing female friendships so well, you are spot-on 🙂

  119. Olivia Bumgardner said,

    Dear Ann,
    This summer I decided to pick up Sisterhood Everlasting, another installment in my most beloved series. While I was reading, I found myself not wanting to continue. I was expecting just another chapter in the girls lives, but found SO much more. I felt pain, confusion, and sadness. It was so…real. As I turned the last page, a few tears were escaped. Saying And I just want to say thank you. There are so many books these days where everything is perfect, no one is hurt, and life is just dandy. Reality isn’t perfect, and neither is life. Growing up with these girls has really been a journey for me. The girls showed me that the future isn’t always going to be easy, times are going to get tough from time to time. But just as you said, the story always continues. And I can’t wait to continue mine with my 4 friends that I’ve made along this journey 🙂

    With Much Thanks,
    Olivia Marie Bumgardner

  120. Michelle said,

    I just finished the book. I’m so sad- yet so happy at the same time. I was so mad in the begining of the book when all of the thoughts surrounding Tibby’s death. When I told my mom abou Tibby dying- she said that Tibby probably had some type of disease. Mom is always right. Thank you for bringing the girls/women back, I laughed and cried and smiled a lot. My husband kept asking me why I was crying while I was reading. This book,in my opinion- if done right- would make a great movie.

  121. Brandi Powell said,

    I am beyond excited to read this book! I started reading the books a few years ago…my best friend got me started in them. She died in 2008 tragically at the age of 23. I miss her more than anything…she was more of my sister than best friend! I am happy that you have continued with the sisterhood….it makes me feel better somehow…I guess because it was one of the things we started together and even though she is no longer on Earth…I feel like she is with me 🙂 So thank you so much for doing this book!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! 🙂
    God Bless and Merry Christmas

  122. Tameka Downing said,

    I absolutely loved the series, but this last one was simply amazing! I have never cried so much reading a book. I have come to feel like I was a part of the sisterhood myself. Will there be a movie for this book as well? Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  123. Nerea said,

    I read these books a looooooong time ago and I remember them as the best books I read at that time. I used to recommend them to everyone around me, and nowadays, when they ask me about my favourites books I’ve read in my teenage times I always talk about this series. I have such good memories about them that now that I’m19 I’m really glad you wrote this one book. I’m willing to read it!!

    Greets from Spain! 🙂

  124. Catherine said,

    I just finished “Sisterhood Everlasting” and I teared up quite a few times reading it and thinking of my own four gal sisterhood. Like the Septembers we are growing in different ways as we are currently in our senior year of college. One just announced she would be moving to Germany after graduation and her wedding. Sisterhood Everlasting gave great closure but I’m hungry for more! I would love a movie version of this book.

  125. Lottie said,

    OMG! I still can’t get over how much I enjoyed this book!! The sisterhood books have been the very very best books i ever read. I got the first 3 for christmas 2012 but didn’t start reading them until about 2 weeks ago. Being 13, I had to fit in the reading around school times, but I flew through these books like never before. I cried many times and feel so emotionally attached to the characters that I want them to be real, and to be part of their sisterhood. I just finished Sisterhood Everlasting today and it was by far my favourite. I was just so absorbed in the book, I just totally blocked the rest of the world out. I would be so so so so happy to see a movie version to this book, or even better, a sequel!!!! A sequel to sisterhood everlasting would have me in tears for hours I would be so happy. That’s how much these books mean to me. Please read this Ann and understand how your books have really changed my life. I can’t thank you enough for these books, I really can’t! Thank you, and thank you again!! Lots of Love, Lottie, from the UK xxx

  126. Emily said,

    I love this book so much. It was a little sad to finish because i realized that that is the end of the series. I love these characters so much and am sad to see them go. I especially loved when Kostos finds Lena and he says “It’s someday.” it gave me little tingles! 🙂

  127. Candace Caroline said,

    I just want you to know that your stories are truly inspiring. I absolutely love The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.(ALL OF THEM) You are my favorite author of all time and cannot wait to read this book. I wish you the best of luck on your other books you write in the future! You are truly amazing at what you do! God bless you and keep writing(:
    Love always,
    Candace Caroline

  128. Madi Pareti said,

    I absolutely loved Sisterhood Everlasting! I laughed, cried, and everything in between. I was just wondering if a movie is in the works at all. I would love to see it all played out even though I could envision it all with the characters from the other two films.

  129. Nicole said,

    I’ve just read the part where Tibby died and I feel as if I can’t move, I feel like something is constricting my breath. Although her death saddens me greatly I know it is a part of life and in a way I’m glad you included this, I like being able to see how The Septembers deal with no longer being whole.

    I woul really love for this to be a movie. Is there any possibility or talks of this?

    Your truest fan,

  130. Hannah D. said,


    I just…I don’t really even know what to say. About a month ago, I wandered into my sisters room and looked aimlessly at her bookshelf hoping to find something that would give me a sense of happiness and enjoyment. It was then that I pulled out that green novel with a pair of pants on the cover, not sure what to really think. I’d remembered seeing these four books sitting there for a while, but I think the reason I didn’t pick them up so many years ago was because I just wouldn’t have been ready. Being 14 now, the first book was perfect. I fell in love with it, and most of all I grew this unexplainable connection with Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bee. My addiction continued(haha), and of course I finished them in a week after that. I really can’t tell you how much I love the sisterhood series. I seriously can’t, because there has never been a book series that I have enjoyed reading so much, and I can’t thank you enough. It’s funny, though. Reading through each book with such attachment, everything that happened to the characters gave me such an emotional rush. When Kostos broke Lena’s heart in the second book, I wanted to punch him in the face, and I cried along with Lena (under no means of feeling as much pain as her). When Tibby was Tina’s labor coach in the third summer, I was laughing so hard that I felt stupid. I just love how you bring so much life into the characters, making them so special and different.I love Bee’s freedom and how she can literally do anything, and nothing can stop her. And I love how Carmen can be such a brat but in the end, she has a heart full of love just like her three best friends. Long story short, the books are amazing haha. And right now, I am reading Sisterhood Everlasting. And I am still recovering. I was crying in my room for an hour when Tibby died, so stunned that I thought she might come back. I was so mad that one of my favorite characters had died, but now I know why she did it. This book is so emotionally overwhelming, but it’s just as beautifully written as all your others. I love how you bring back things from past books, like Mimi and Bailey…it’s crazy that they are 30. I think when Im older, I will reread the books. I think I will have much more understanding for love and other concepts, which will make them that much better. I am so sorry to gush like this, but I have never been so excited about a series in my life. And I also really love the movies, like a lot. The casting was really well done, and I loved how for SOTP2 they meshed the last 3 books together. I watched them like 8 times after finishing the books haha…I guess you could say I’m a bit obsessed. And Ann, I think you should really bring back the original cast and make Sisterhood Everlasting…I will miss Amber Tamblyn, because she makes a great Tibby…but if you did it would be amazing. Once again, thank you so much for writing these books, and I hope to see a trailer for Sisterhood Everlasting soon! haha.

    With love,


  131. Kayla said,

    I just read this book, and I cried the whole time I was reading it! I always loved reading and about Lena and Kostos and I was so happy that they finely are together again! I do hope they make a movie I would love to see it.

  132. Madolyn said,

    I really loved all of your books and I feel that the sisterhood everlasting was the perfect ending and was my favorite out if the whole series. I was just wondering if there is going to be a movie? I would love to see what people look like and just see it all come together. It would be a great movie and I really think you should look into it. Thank You!

  133. Cindy said,

    I’m definitely a bookworm. I can’t remember exactly how I came upon your books, but when I did I bought the first three at once (something I’ve never done before or since). I’ve fallen in love with the characters and even gotten frustrated by Lena who is too slow to move and Bee who is too fast. Every tragedy they’ve gone through has broken my heart as much as theirs. I am as attached to them as I am to my real life friends. Thank you.

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