06/26/2013 at 1:57 pm (Uncategorized)

“Daniel was more like a ghost than a person, watching people, waiting for people. Not to talk to them or hold them or build a life with them but just to remember them.” -Ann Brashares, My Name is Memory



  1. Chelsey Richards said,

    Is there EVER going to be a sequel???

  2. Becca said,

    I was wondering when the next book in the “My Name is Memory” trilogy was coming out? It is one of my favorite books and I’ve been so excited to read a sequel.

  3. Iona Potter said,

    Hi Ann, just wanted to say I have just finished My name is memory and I loved it, I will be recommending it to my customers in the bookshop I work in. Just one question though, is there a sequel? I am desperate to read more of Daniel and Lucy’s story

  4. Karsen said,

    We want a sequel!!!

  5. Jason said,

    I’d sure like to know more about Daniel and Lucy. What do they name their child?

  6. Ginny said,

    Are you teasing us with your tweets/references to My Name is Memory or are you ready to release the sequel(s)?

  7. Callie said,

    I am DESPERATE for a sequel!

  8. Bhavna Jayaram said,

    Plz do write the sequel. There are many of us waiting.

  9. Latasha said,

    I am REALLY anxious to know what happens to Daniel and Lucy!! When can we expect the next book? I’ve been recommending it to friends and family and everyone is waiting for the story to continue!!!

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