1. Sheena harris said,

    Please tell me my name is memory is the first book of a series!!

  2. Emily said,

    I just need to know…. When will the next book to my name is memory be out?!?! Of course that is if there is one. I’m absolutely head over heals for the book!

  3. Joanna said,

    Hi Ann,
    I have just finished reading My name is Memory. I really enjoyed the story, but will there be a sequel to this book? I would really appreciate any information.
    Thanks, Joanna.

  4. Leslie said,

    Hi, Ms. Ann Brashares, I’ve read your book last year and it’s definitely a great story. My Name is Memory that is. I’ve read some blogs and comments from other readers that they’ve also loved the book. I love your perception about reincarnation and Im amused coz of that. I hope the sequel will come out this year. Oh, and another thing, I’ve read an article that it will be on a movie adaptation!! Can’t wait to see who will portray the characters. I’m in love with Daniel Grey. ;))))

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