My Name Is Memory



  1. Alexandria said,

    What a wonderful book! I only read while I run ( gets me going to the gym regularly) this book was so captivating I couldn’t put it down! I would be at the gym for 2+ hrs at a time! I must say a sequel is needed, it ended so openly I almost cried, Lucy and Daniel deserve each other and to have her pregnant with his child, that he never thought he could create, just shows me how much they were meant to be together!

  2. Liz said,

    I just finished My Name Is Memory and I loved it. Are you planning a sequel? I do hope you are. The book was just incredible. I am hanging by a thread to know how this love story continues. Please please continue the saga!!!! ( I also am a huge fan of the Traveling Pants and I very much enjoyed the Summer of You and Me). Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

  3. Katy said,

    “My Name is Memory” is such an amazing book! After the day it took me to read it, I kept looking for the rest of it. LOL. Noticing that Daniel’s letter was the end, I almost cried. I am looking forward to the sequel (possibly trilogy)! Ann Brashares, you are a very talented writer and I am DESPERATELY looking forward to the follow up of “My Name is Memory”

  4. Bavi M said,

    My Name Is Memory Was A Random Find Book At Publix Supermarket. I Thought To Myself “Interesting, I Must FeeD My Curiosity.” It Was A Royal Feast Reading The Book….Sooo Much!!! Girlfriend…The Story Is Too Good To End!!! It Is Not ConcludeD For Me Yet…Im Still hUngry For More Of DanIel and Lucy´s Love!! Not To Be Pushy With Your ImaginatioN But Please Make A Sequel Or At Least Confirm If You Are Or Not So I Have Something To Look Foward To!!!! Wonderful Wonderful Story!!! there Are Too Many Possibilities To Happy Ever After….Too Much Of An Open Conclusion. I Want More Love!! Thank U So Much Miss. Anne!!! Keep Writing!! LOve Is Timeless….Keep It Going!

  5. Bavi M said,

    There Are Too Many Fans Who Dont Want To Believe There will not Be A Sequel, Including Me!!! Please Write One!!! It Is A Great Story!! A Cool One!! Keep It Going Girlfriend!! Its A Big deal!!!!

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